The Bag Of My Dreams


That fleeting moment:

I remember tagging along with my older sister to all her shopping expeditions throughout that city. We would hop-in and hop out of luxury stores and also pick up a lot of bling things. Oh by the way the shopping was not done for us.

Actually you see, my sister worked for a fashion designer who displayed her designs globally. She had been working with her for as long as ten years and staying so long with someone can help you understand the person’s tastes and preferences. So, while this designer was out on various country’s tours doing shows and walking the ramps with her models, my sister was entrusted with the job of picking up the accessories that would go well with the garments under production for the upcoming show.

And I was always happy to accompany:

Knowing that those were the things that we could never in our lifetime afford to buy for ourselves, we as sisters reveled in the experience. In a way it showed us what contentment meant and what gratitude was. We never once felt like procuring those things for ourselves as much as we kept buying to match the model’s outfits.

But there was this one bag that I loved from the bottom of my heart:

Nothing can really come close to Gucci bags with gold logo. They are just so elegant and simple. Their simplicity spells class and sophistication. So, there was this small bag that I loved to the core and once we were back home my sister caught me sashaying with it in front of the living room mirror. She asked if I would like to keep it!

I said no because I knew it would have been very costly. She smiled and said that I could keep it and that both of us could share and use it. She also added that the price was not too high and she could actually afford it. I nodded and hugged my sister. Its twenty years since but I still remember every moment of it as if it happened only yesterday!