Parkour And Why We Recommend That Your Child Trains With Us

The fact that you are reading this is a proof enough that you have been smitten by this relatively new fad called parkour. Well, to put it simply, a lot of people are averse to the idea of training for parkour because they think that if they do they are putting themselves to a risk of their life. No! Parkour does not involve free running on parapets of high rises and jumping dangerously perched from the parapets of tall buildings.

Parkour is an art where the body and the mind are trained to be agile and creative and to be able to have control and coordination between them. Therefore, the thought that once your child masters parkour, he will prospectively be jumping off the floors is absolutely unfound!

A lot of parents have this predicament and we always counsel them not to become a hurdle in their child’s physical, mental and emotional development. The best part about the art is to bring in a lot of positivity in the child and to make him feel secure.

The parkour stunts that we see on screen in movies and in advertisements are all done under controlled environment and there is absolutely no need to fear for life. Rarely do things go out of hand but if they do it is mostly never ever fatal.

We wanted to bring about a change in people’s psyche:

When we opened our first parkour training institute, we had young children who were excessively enthusiastic about learning the art but somehow their parents either never encouraged them or they actively discouraged them from joining the institute fearing that the child will learn dare devilry and ultimately kill him.

This fear is absolutely unfound:

The shoe is an important part of the parkour gear. It is important primarily to stay safe with proper parkour shoes since the feet take the brunt of the practice. The shoes do not have to be the snazziest but only parkour-compliant!