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I just real uneasy that organisation giving Jimmy for a second round pick. There are a lot of teams right now that would give up two first round picks for him. I going to feel better when we got him locked down. Even though the Seahawks have the 18th pick in next month draft, there is still a great likelihood they will trade down to get more draft choices. This is a draft that has 10 running backs who might go in the first three rounds. It’s the best running back draft in more than a decade, though it is weak on edge pass rushers and it even weaker at tackle..

He came to the auditorium for his postgame interview dressed like I want to say a movie star, but it was more like a fashion model. He wore soft fancy booties. And some kind of dark shirt that sloped down his chest revealing lots of tattoo. Doug Chance says, “As superintendent, as well as the entire board we are all challenged to look at how do we best serve our children and how do we best use our resources. That is one of the things in our activity that we need to be concerned about. How do we effectively use a million and a half dollar plant that is part of Cameron Parish schools?”The land the school sits on was donated to the parish.

Karl Williams remains the team’s third down specialist. The Bucs use their tight ends by committee. Grade: B. I liked Mike Hart as a U M running back and thought he played with a lot of heart on the field. He had enough talent to be a good college running back but it didn translate into a successful pro career. I put Tim Tebow in the same category with Hart as another example of a college star whose shortcomings weren as glaring at the college level but are exposed at the pro level.

You may save 100 bucks on designer jeans, but the mall is crowded, the restrooms sparse, and four people run over your feet with shopping carts. And not one apologizes. You have sore limbs, stubbed toes, and the emotional suffering that comes from when you almost pee your pants.

Pittsburgh’s group the last two years got the highest percentage of the cap, 51 per cent last year and 52 per cent the year before. If Edmonton keeps Ryan Nugent Hopkins and finds a way to sign Patrick Maroon at $3 million per (which I understand would be wildly optimistic from the team’s perspective if Maroon has a big year), Edmonton’s Top 6 forwards will take up $39.4 million, which is 51% of the cap in 2018 19 (if the cap rises by $2 million to $77 million). The following year keeping RNH and also signing Jesse Puljujarvi to a $6 million per deal (fingers crossed he’s earned it) the Top 6 Edmonton forwards would take 53% of a $79 million projected cap.

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