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WHAT EVIDENCE DOES SHE HAVE?University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman said in an affidavit attached to Stein’s recount request that hackers could spread malware into voting machines in battleground states and their work would be virtually undetectable. The only way to determine if an attack took place is to examine the paper trail to ensure votes cast match the results determined by the machines, he said..

Worst still, I persevered with this before realising after a good couple of hours in that you could change this control to the d pad. That pretty much hacked me off too. You might say that is my own fault for not paying attention to detail. Another factor could be the weather. It was a sunny day around Western Washington and people may have chosen to get outdoors one last time before the fall weather sets in. The week before, when ratings were higher, it was raining in Seattle and people might have chosen to stay inside and catch the game..

On one recent afternoon, Kennedy got into his golf cart he rarely golfs and zipped around the development. A bowl of soup at the clubhouse. Chatting with some neighbors after they putted out on the first green. Dallas: Jerry Jones too often trades away picks to move up to get a player he loves. The net result is Dallas depth suffers. Dallas was desperate to get a pass rusher and added a good one at No.

Are disappointed that the federal government has taken this route when a five year plan was just adopted, she said. Restart that process seems to be a waste of taxpayer money and a waste of time. This is an attempt to really force offshore drilling into a region into a whole coast that has expressed that it does not want it.

For years, guys have been portrayed mostly as dolts or bros in these ads. Why? Not because marketers are out to get men as some angry men were always quick to point out but because it was the easiest laugh. Marketers, though, have come around. One of the two owners said he would be “a lot more comfortable” with an ownership group that included Taylor, but also Bob Naegele, one of the several members of the group which owns the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. Taylor has said he might be interested in combining forces with the Wild investors, and that might be the formula for securing the team, which Red McCombs clearly would like to peddle by the end of this season. There are some NFL owners as well who suggested Friday that the team will not sell for the $600 million $700 million some experts felt it could fetch.

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