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But noneconomic factors may be even more important. When a November Gallup poll asked Americans to name the nation’s No. 1 problem, 15 percent mentioned an economic issue, far lower than the majorities who did so during Obama’s first term. Jokinen looked like a decent to good signing when the Oilers brought him in this summer. He was 34, yes, and coming off a poor year, yes, but he been a strong player before then. Of course, none of that matters in a league where the performance of players can fall off sharply and quickly once they in their early 30s..

Me all those teams the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves all change their names. It the times. Pointed to the Washington Wizards basketball team as an organization that rebranded in 1997, when it was known as the Bullets and faced pressure to cut associations with gun violence.

Fifteen yards must also be assessed against the players. I understand their displeasure at being targeted by a polarizing president, but few in America enjoy unlimited freedom of expression in the workplace. Accordingly, those who insist on making political statements “at the office” should not be surprised at the emotional responses that ensue.

Central Ave. (Rt. 512). Burgers stuffed with foie gras; burgers made from ground Kobe beef (destroying the whole point of this already butter tender meat); burgers made from, and topped with, all manner of horrifyingly healthy stuff; burgers like the $99 double truffle creation at DB’s Bistro in Manhattan. The chichi burger thing is one of today’s hottest food trends. And we’re so, so over it.

ESPN’s report that Maclin’s final decision came down to the Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles was perhaps most interesting Monday. He either really didn’t like the money the Bills were offering, or something else about the franchise didn’t appeal to him. The grim reality for the Bills and their fans, many of whom have an inferiority complex about the franchise is that until they turn around their losing ways on the field, they’re always going to be underdogs when it comes to land free coveted free agents unless they’re willing to pay an absurd premium (see: Williams, Mario)..

Moore’s victory over Strange pushed Trump back to the roots of his presidential campaign. He realigned himself with Steve Bannon, his chief strategist during the 2016 race and in the White House until he was ousted in a staff shakeup earlier this year. Bannon was one of Moore’s most prominent supporters from the start and viewed the contest as a ripe opportunity to press forward in his goal of disrupting the Republican Party..

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