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Seriously, at this point we think Ray Lewis could conceivably tackle a semi triuck, and put a serious hurt on the eighteen wheeler. This weekend the monster back for the Baltimore Ravens took down speedy wide out Chad Johnson (also known as Chad Ocho Cinco) and hit him hard enough to take his helmet off. The type of hit you normally only see in games of NFL Blitz, Lewis nails Johnson as he comes down after chasing after an incomplete pass.

It would take years before he would understand that his mother had committed a truly courageous act, that despite all she’d done to push him into the gang, she was the first with the guts to stand up to it. Meanwhile, as a newly minted member of the gang’s upper echelon, Martinez had to prove himself by helping his “brothers” carry out their mission. He would have to choose which family deserved his loyalty.

From my perspective, I don’t see how the NBA could ditch its draft, because like the NFL Draft, it’s an immense attention grabber for weeks, starting with the lottery during the playoffs and then the draft, which falls right before free agency. Would rookie free agency also get that same attention? Maybe. But getting rid of the draft would be a tough sell, business wise..

Also up for auction was Starr’s personal first edition copy of The Beatles’ White Album, marked with serial number 0000001. The album managed to fetch an extraordinary $650,000. Starr said he has kept the album in a bank vault in London for over 35 years, but says prior to that he played it on his turntable at home..

Look, I really not trying to take anything away from Barry. Outside of Montana, Young, and Rice, Barry was my favorite NFL player to watch, even though I a die hard 49ers faithfull! Frank Gore is my all time favorite RB, and the Niners have had some great RB during my time Gore, Craig, Tyler, Hearst, Watters, even Rathman Ring, to name a few. I played RB in high school (though I was woefully undersized, and didn get a lot of carries) so I have an affinity for the position..

The NFL star and his fianc stepped out in Liverpool, England, for their rehearsal dinner Tuesday night, which featured celebrity friends such as Kelly Rowland and Lala Vasquez. “The rehearsal dinner was beautiful. Ciara and Russell couldn’t keep their hands off of each other,” another source previously told E! News.

The Bears had better win or there will be a total housecleaning with another McCaskey (maybe Brian) taking charge. All the pressure is on new offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who must make Jay Cutler a playoff winning quarterback. With three new coaches named Mike on the offensive coaching staff, Martz is now going by his nickname of “Mickey.” Well, that’s what new Chicago offensive line coach Mike Tice told me..

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