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He led Patriots backs in yards per carry (4.4) during the regular season, but until Saturday’s divisional playoff game against the Texans, he had gone 443 days without scoring a touchdown. In two quick swivels of his apparently triple jointed hips, Lewis had two scores. Shortly thereafter, his hands failed where his hips had succeeded, and Lewis had helped Houston back into a game that he’d seemingly put away..

Josh McCown, Cleveland Browns: McCown is red hot for a Browns offense that leans heavily on his right arm in the absence of an effective running game. The veteran has attempted 141 passes over the last three weeks and has made the most of them, completing 68 percent of them while averaging 385 yards and two touchdowns per contest. McCown accounted for three touchdowns (one rush) and threw for 457 yards in an overtime win over the Ravens in Week 5, further solidifying his place as a high upside QB2 still available in a majority of fantasy leagues.

Oct. 21 at Florida Atlantic UNT will get a chance to get a look at Lane Kiffin’s rebuilding project when they travel to Florida late in the season. The former Alabama offensive coordinator has the best recruiting class in C USA arriving this fall and has some talent to work with, but will need some time to rebuild a team that finished 3 9 last season..

“I really don’t pay much attention to it, but I guess that’s pretty much the territory it comes with, being a high draft pick,” Trubisky said. “But that’s nothing I can control. I can only control how great of a teammate I am on a daily basis and what I can do for my teammates as a leader and on the field and just bring this team closer together and help win football games.

Although confident, he struck a different tone than when he said he would be out of work for no more than five minutes after the Dallas Cowboys fired him after the 2012 season. Ryan said felt “a little more natural there on the sideline” than he did in a TV studio, where his twin brother Rex called in Sunday to give Rob grief for not wearing a suit. Rob Ryan also said frequent moves coaches make are the only down side to the profession because of the stress it puts on families..

On “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart compares the Republicans to a losing football team that says, “If you don’t give us 25 points on Monday, we will shut down the NFL.” And Stewart is correct. The spending bill is part of the everyday running of our government. Like the regular raising of the debt ceiling, it’s something that we expect to be passed each and every year in order to keep our government functioning.

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