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But if this is his idea of getting tough against domestic violence cases, he’s got a long way to go.Clearly, nothing was going to stop him from suspending Brady because, well, he wanted to. But the stories of his violence dating back to 2009 do add up to a pattern, and the NFL’s continued negligence and allowance of these matters after Goodell totally embarrassed himself and the league and should have been fired in 2014 is truly pitiful and disgusting.The Giants now must get way out ahead of the NFL’s “investigation” coach Ben McAdoo, GM Jerry Reese and Giants ownership are now under pressure on a different type of field of play: The blame game. Who knew about Brown’s history? When exactly did they know? Who OK’d re signing Brown in spite of his actions? Who will take the fall for such a lapse in judgment?Giants’ Josh Brown was guilty of misdemeanor assault in 2001It’s tough to believe Tom Coughlin, the revered long time coach, was unaware of this.

It featured host Matt Lauer discussing the trial of Michael Slager, who was accused of killing Walter Scott in April 2015.It showed Slager in court, along with footage from video that captured the moments before the shooting. It then showed an image from a Baltimore protest outside a police station, which Lauer does not reference.”The mayor of Charleston, community leaders and South Carolina’s governor are urging a calm response to that ruling,” Lauer said.There haven’t been any large protests in Charleston. People who noticed Today’s error posted it online.”That is not Charleston and it certainly wasn’t Charleston yesterday.

AsGregg Easterbrookwrote this week inThe Atlantic, the NFL “is about two things: producing high quality sports entertainment, which it does very well, and exploiting taxpayers, which it also does very well.”The entire pieceis worth a read. Easterbook takes a look at how various franchises and owners have exploited local and state governments to rake in an estimated $1 billion from the public pot on an annual basis. The stadium subsidies are by far the most expensive and egregious..

Were a cluster of things that went wrong that night, said Kowalczyk, noting Walker had stopped at the business for a bite to eat before heading to a Cadott sporting event. The parking lot there is small, people (sometimes) park on the south side of X. That particular night was extremely dark, the lighting there isn the best, and (Walker) was wearing dark clothing.

He has some work to do this week to continue to get better, but he is going to start at quarterback for us. 21 year old Kizer has been wildly inconsistent for the Browns (0 14), who haven surrounded him with enough talent and yet are trying to decide if he can be their long term QB. From week to week, Kizer performances have ranged from solid to sorry,.

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