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Davis looks at a quarterback for the Browns to take at 12. Deshaun Watson, the hero of Clemson’s run to the national title. He’ll be a bit of a project at the pro level, but Hue Jackson might be the right guy to develop him. Your customers will know how much the postage and packaging materials cost you and they won’t mind being asked a fair price to cover those expenses. It is not unusual for the cost of postage to exceed the price of the goods and people don’t mind this because they still feel they are getting a bargain. One thing nobody likes is the feeling that someone is trying to rip him/her off and that is the impression you will convey if you ask an excessive amount for postage..

They have reduced opportunities for early voting. And they have made it more difficult to actually vote on Election Day by requiring picture IDs supposedly to address all but non existent voter fraud. The laws aren’t intended to discourage fraud, they are intended to discourage voting.

Were still doing studio wrestling, where you’d bring a crowd of 60 people into a studio, recalls McMahon. Were on a cheap paper, all filled with blood and guts. I had this instinct wrestling could be better, bigger. I don think he the finished product. There a lot more to his game. I look forward to us helping him bring that out.

BACK TO BLITZBURGH? Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler has been reluctant to bring much pressure on opposing quarterbacks, preferring instead to drop seven or eight players into coverage to help protect a young secondary. It might be time for a change. Pittsburgh is 31st against the pass and is also last in sacks, the lone one on the record a harmless touch down of Cincinnati Andy Dalton for no gain in Week 2.

Nobody has kept it more real, on the record, than the owner and CEO of the New York Giants, John Mara. Mara made it very plain last week that he had never received more angry mail and emails about a player or situation than he did about Kaepernick who doesn’t even play for the Giants. Much of the mail made it abundantly clear that fans would boycott the Giants if they touched Kaepernick or ever had a player who did what he did.

Boom. The Olympics were canceled for you, France. Good luck next time. DB is the kind of AD that will give his coach all the support and assets needed to get the job done. I think the only downside could be the way he hovered on the sidelines, practices and film room meetings with the players. That could bother many coaches.

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