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The sports media has started this mess about the Redskins being “petty” in regards to a possible tag and trade which has not been officially reported by the team. I am so sick of them constantly bashing the Redskins at every opportunity they can get. I know it all stems from Snyder’s fight with the local DC media rag, but still, it’s absolutely dumb villainizing the team for something that, at the time of this posting, hasn’t happened, and hasn’t been mentioned in any official capacity.

So when you don draft a defensive lineman until the fifth round and you overspend to bring in Frank Gore (32 years old, 11 seasons) to run, Andre Johnson (34) to catch and LB Trent Cole (32) to upgrade deficiencies, it a head scratcher. The Bills are the polar opposite. They have very good players at every position other than quarterback.

In the 4th quarter with the Cowboys leading 13 6, Craig Morton throws two interceptions. The Colts score 10 points off the Dallas turnovers and eventually win 16 13. Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley is awarded the Super Bowl MVP trophy and becomes the only player in Super Bowl history to win the MVP award on a losing team.

What also sets apart San Francisco plan is that it offers the poorest students additional money to help pay for these other expenses. An individual has to earn less than $17,000 a year to qualify for the aid, or less than $37,000 for a family of four. Eligible full time students will get $500 a year and part time students will get $200 a year..

About 25 years ago, Hanes decided to swim from the Barrachois in New Waterford to Dominion Beach, about five miles. Getting a dingy he tried talking friends into accompanying his swim by boat but after hearing it would take four to five hours he ended up solo. Hanes got a nylon rope and wrapped it around his shoulders and swam pulling his dingy behind him..

Tesla declined after Bloomberg News reported that a second senior finance executive resigned. Bloomberg said Treasurer Susan Repo left to become chief financial officer at another company. A week ago the electric car maker said Chief Accounting Officer Eric Branderiz left personal reasons.

As election law expert Rick Hasen notes, the same panel’s willingness to let Peterson’s ruling stand is rather revealing. Even for these conservative leaning judges, it seems, Wisconsin’s race based early voting cuts go beyond the pale. And thanks to their willingness to peer beyond the legislature’s laughably pretextual justifications for disenfranchisement, thousands more Wisconsin voters will be able to cast their ballots this November..

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