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Srchat (Admin): Haven talked to the defensive coaches yet, but Leach said they weren gap sound. It hard to have eyes on two runners with the read option. This is also a good explanation I found. In his six rules for how to kill and plunder in the draft, Taibbi explained why dope smokers are a bargain:Before the draft, teams spend far too much time worrying about the “character” issue, when the real question to ask is much narrower: “Can this player make it through his four or five year rookie contract without missing actual games due to incarceration?” Guys with drinking problems or who throw cell phones at their girlfriends’ heads or get pulled over driving 110 with loaded unregistered pistols in their glove boxes are bad bets. Guys who just stay home and smoke weed while giggling at Manswers are not. Thus: Always draft the guy who falls in draft position due to a positive weed test.

I realize the majority of you think Tom Brady is the best quarterback who ever lived, and I hate that ridiculous debate since anyone under the age of 35 never really saw Joe Montana play. However, there’s no one else I would want running my offense than Rodgers. (No offense, Drew.) On the other side, obviously Sam Bradford isn’t ready to play, and with Dalvin Cook gone for the season, I just don’t see how the Vikings can win this one.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. They were a group of misfits thrown together and not much was expected. They knew that was the reality of life for an NFL expansion team. CBS Television via Wikimedia Commons 2005: Actor and comedian Don Adams, best known as bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in the TV sitcom “Get Smart,” dies from a lung infection at the age of 82 in Los Angeles, California. Story,” dies of heart attack at age 76 in New York City. [ + ].

Chris Hodges, a spokesperson for the ministry of education, said in an emailed statement that divisions are best positioned to identify and assess the needs of students in their schools and make staffing decisions accordingly. The ministry understands that this process of reassessing student need and reconciling staffing allocations is not uncommon to Saskatoon Public School Division, and is an ongoing process throughout the year. With StarPhoenix files from Morgan Modjeski.

Dave Dickenson became a star in the CFL, and now Johnson will take snaps north of the border.”When I first came here I knew Dave had such a good career up there. That was really the first time I had heard of the CFL. And I always wanted to just keep playing football, whether that’s in America, or in Canada, or wherever.

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