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But the newfound attention on Parker has dredged up a rape allegation made against him when he was a student and wrestler at Penn State University. Parker was acquitted, though his college roommate, Jean Celestin (who helped create Birth of a Nation was initially found guilty of sexual assault. That conviction was later overturned when the accuser declined to testify for a retrial..

The rest of that staff was put together really well. You knew there was a lot of talent there, because you saw it in training camp. And hey, it’s the NFL; if everybody can stay healthy, and you have talent like the Eagles do, you can make a run. LAS VEGAS (FOX5) The NFL season kicked off Wednesday night. It was the Dallas Cowboys at the New York Giants in a bitter NFC East match up and fans flocked to local bars to catch the action.Johnny Fontane Beach House at Sahara near Decatur is a local Giants bar. It was packed with fans rooting for their team.”I been waiting for this day probably the past four or five months,” one fan said.Local Cowboys bar Mr.

The Association for Women in Sports Media is objecting to the portrayal of female sports reporters in ESPN’s Playmakers,” a dramatic series about a fictitious NFL team.The group has taken issue with Thea Andrews’ role as reporter Samantha Lovett, who in one scene flirts with a player in the locker room. Andrews is also a reporter for the ESPN2 morning show Cold Pizza.”In a statement issued Thursday, AWSM said it believes this arrangement raises a credibility issue for women who work in sports media.”Our concern is that this actress is also a national correspondent on a morning news show,” AWSM president and Dallas Morning News assistant sports editor Roxanna Pellin Scott said in the release. We understand Thea’s character on Playmakers’ is fictional, but we think this portrayal is insulting and completely inappropriate.”ESPN takes the position that its viewers realize Playmakers” is fiction.You can have a fictional story with nonfictional entities,” Jim Cohen, ESPN vice president and executive producer of Cold Pizza,” said in the Los Angeles Times on Friday.

Most telling, though, was that 68 percent of the likely GOP voters said they hadn’t heard of Ives, a conservative lawmaker who is running to the right of the governor. Even in the Chicago collars counties, where Ives is best known, 65 percent of the Republican voters said they had never head of her. Downstate almost 70 percent said they weren’t familiar with Ives..

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