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In 1992, the same year the province appointed Hughes to lead the inquiry probing the handling of the Nerland case, two other homicides in the southern half of the province again brought racial tensions to the fore. This time, the victims were white, and their killers Indigenous. Dubbed the Good Samaritan cases at the time, they began on Aug.

But now for the next six or seven years at least, the Oilers have some certainty with McDavid and his deal, and can figure out a way to win both with him and with his cap hit. When McDavid signed here, the job of Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli was to turn around what was then a wretched and long time loser of a franchise to the extent that McDavid would want to sign long term. Mission accomplished.

Think costly and stressful.As the strike in Ontario 24 community colleges enters its fifth week, students are starting to add up the numbers about the hit they taken since the walkout by 12,000 faculty members began a month ago.Rent, groceries, getting around bills are piling up for what essentially been dead time for many students, who now been out of class almost as long this semester as they were in, with some schools including London based Fanshawe College already moving to extend the fall semester into the new year.Add to that other threatened domino effects from the strike, such as not being able to move on to other courses or jobs, as expected, and some students are seeing red.Merisa Buragina is a Fanshawe College student suffering financial hardship due to the college teachers strike in London. (Derek Ruttan/The London Free PressThere also the hard fact they paid for education they not getting something that really stings for Merisa Buragina, a dental hygiene student in London who paying out about $13,000 a year in tuition.Buragina, attending Fanshawe College, had planned to graduate in April and write a registration exam that would allow her to start working in May, but that now been bumped to September.means that I may not be able to start working until the end of 2018, which is hard when I have to pay off $50,000 in loans, she said.Buragina course is a combination of lectures, clinical requirements and community placements. She had to cancel appointments with her clients at Western University because her instructors have to supervise and they on strike.hope is that I can get back to school really soon because the lack of sleep and stress my classmates and I have been experiencing is almost worse than when we are in school, she said.Buragina isn alone.Ontario has ordered its colleges to create a fund from unpaid wages and other strike savings to help students who may be experiencing financial hardship, but that small consolation for those squeezed now.Take Zack Fulmer, a second year law clerk student at Fanshawe.

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