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“I’m not saying you should do it, it’s not an obligation, at the end of the day football is a job like any other job. You have to write good stories and I have to play well on a Saturday, it doesn’t really have to go further than that. Apart from that we can both go home to our families and not really care about anything else, we’ve done our job..

However, limited knowledge about sustainable resource management in the communities has exposed the mangrove to activities that threaten its biodiversity. Overharvesting of mangrove forest products, including trees used for firewoodin homes, or to dry fish or build canoes,have reduced the mangrove at an alarming rate. Patches of the forested mangrove have also been cleared for housing development, putting the ecosystem services and economic benefits of the mangrove at risk..

The Eagles have a ferocious pass rush that’s been a large part of their success. Philadelphia had seven players with more than 20 QB pressures in 2017, more than anyone else in the league, and can attack from anywhere. Cox provides power and speed from the inside, but defensive end Brandon Graham leads the team with 9.5 sacks, and both Chris Long and Vinny Curry had 18 QB hits..

Instead of digging deeper into his guest’s personal life, for his third and final question, Cohen decided to ask Munn about an alleged blowup with a colleague. “There are rumors that you and [Newsroom creator] Aaron Sorkin are loggerheads [and] don’t get along. Clear the air,” he said.

Vs. Tampa Bay, Dec. CT (FOX) The Packers are 31 21 1 against the former divisional foeGreen Bay has won both of the past two meetings, including the last game at Lambeau, a 35 26 win in 2011Including the postseason, the Packers are 19 7 at home against the BuccaneersDating back to 1990, Green Bay is 14 1 at home versus Tampa Bay (including playoffs)Each of the last six home contests against the Buccaneers have been decided by single digits, including four by three or fewer points..

Inside was Max Runager, 61 years old, the punter on the Eagles 1980 81 Super Bowl team, a Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers four years later, a veteran of 11 NFL seasons, a local hero here for his athletic accomplishments. He was 6 foot 1, his light brown hair graying, and a lumpy 220 pounds 30 pounds heavier than he had been during his playing career. He wore a Citizen watch with a brown leather strap.

West of Granum, the wind really started to pick up. Passing my favourite eagle and calf pastures by the Granum Hutterite Colony I was disappointed but not surprised to see that the new calves were hunkered down in the straw behind wind shelters and that the cottonwoods that stud the pastures were eagle free. There were eagles there but they were sheltered as well.

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