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I was 10 or 11 and it was my birthday present, I think, to go to the game. It was fixed up and last a few more years. It was home to the WHA Edmonton Oilers for awhile, which means Bobby Hull played here. A valued reader, Warren Chubey, passed along an interesting tidbit. Warren noted that all nine yes, nine Canadian teams failed to make the NHL playoffs. His list included all seven Canadian based clubs, plus the former Quebec Nordiques (now the Colorado Avalanche) and the erstwhile Winnipeg Jets (Arizona Coyotes)..

Hell, any of the picks they were tied to us would have failed to meet the Harbaugh comparison. Horribly run organization is going push this teams to depths we have not seen since the early 2000 Still a Niner fan, but management sucks. Cannot wait to see all the bandwagon fans start jumping over to the Good riddance!.

GLADSTONE, OR Anyone who happened to be in Gladstone Thursday may have seen production trucks and TV crews thanks to the team from the TBS comedy Tribeca filming in a local shop.Gladstone is not your typical hub for Hollywood productions, but apparently, it perfect for the small town feel the show was looking for.Tribeca is a satirical police comedy, and in this episode, it looks like the show is doing a spoof on the series members were on Portland Avenue in Gladstone shooting a scene inside a fictional business called Discount Meat. Rashida Jones and Bobby Cannavale could be seen getting ready to shoot a scene wearing puffy jackets with fake snow blowing on them.CELEB SIGHTING! Caught Rashida Jones and Bobby Cannavale in Gladstone getting ready to shoot a scene for cop comedy “Angie Tribeca”. Looks like they’re spoofing “Fargo”.

Maroon made every line better. As hockey blogger Matt Henderson tweeted out about Maroon’s production with and without McDavid: “1.87 P/60 with 97, 1.68 P/60 w/o 97. Not exactly chopped liver.” Most of us in Edmonton valued Maroon much more highly than 30 other NHL GMs, and we strongly believe New Jersey got a bargain player.

It hard to judge what this Dolphins team is exactly at this point. They are probably just a middle of the pack team in the league that will finish around 8 8. The Packers should use the nice weather in South Beach to their advantage. All right, we equivocate. Shaq or Dwyane? Dwyane or Shaq? One has the Superman shoulders that can carry a team through the rough spots, the other the creative moves and the torrid shot that put fear into the hearts of opponents. The big guy has been notable in his absence this season, missing 18 games with an injury early on while the Heat muddled along at .500.

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