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Playing in Buffalo won be a problem. Kyle Orton and the Bills kept it close with the Broncos in Denver last week, but that was with a poor showing from Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers is on his way to a MVP award. “I like Tyrod,” Dilfer said. “I think there were probably too high expectations for him. He hasn’t played a lot of real football.

3 city for hockey fans. However, it was ranked No. 20 for football fans (out of 32 NFL teams).Wallethub had three rankings, one for large, midsize and small cities. Remember, it was France that advanced to the World Cup by beating Ireland after Swedish referee Martin Hansson didn see Frenchman Thierry Henry hand ball just prior to France decisive goal against Ireland in World Cup qualifying last winter. Hansson, to his credit, admitted he missed the hand ball but not until after he saw a replay 30 minutes after the fact.As Americans, we just can help ourselves in wanting to have every call scrutinized, to be put under instant replay bright lights. After all, we come from a country in which every major sport boasts an incredibly low player to official ratio:NFL football 22 players on the field watched by seven officials (referee, umpire, head linesman, line judge, field judge, side judge, back judge) and commissioner Roger Goodell office in New York City.NBA basketball 10 players on the court watched by three officials (usually with the last name Crawford and a product of Cardinal O High School in suburban Philadelphia).Major League baseball Nine fielders, one batter and a maximum of three baserunners observed by four umpires (three on the bases, the other behind home plate), ESPN Baseball Tonight and MLB Network.Then you have soccer, which has 20 field players tugging, elbowing, biting and tripping each other, not to mention Italians and guys named Ronaldo taking such shameless flops they should be played in the movies by Duke basketball defenders, and two goalies.

I wanted to infuse some confidence in my teammates, Rodgers said. We had the potential to do what we did. It was a leap of faith at that time. “I think the biggest thing we try to do as an organization is provide the right structure for our players and particularly our younger players as they’re getting themselves acclimated to the NFL,” Garrett said. “We have a lot of resources in our building. We consider ourselves as coaches and as resources.

3. Poor old Lucas Perez. He is surely second choice behind Giroud (third choice once Sanchez starts reprising his deep lying forward role) and now Wellbeck back he is in danger of falling further behind in the pecking order through no fault of his own.

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