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They have a good chance to get to .500 with Brady serving the final game of his suspension for DeflateGate. It’s silly to suggest that it doesn’t matter who plays quarterback for the Pats. Brady is the best ever, and if Ryan could slow him down, he should be expected to befuddle any of his backups..

The neighbor dog got in his yard and put his cat in the hospital.”The guy agreed to pay the vet the money,” Doucet tells us.But Doucet says the neighbor backed out of the $400 bill. He says, “The guy took off” after Doucet handed him the bill.So in December, Doucet went to Jefferson Parish Second Justice Court to file suit.”Came here on December the 11th to file for the court date,” Doucet recalls, “and they never served these guys.”The parish justice of the peace processed the suit, and on January 17 he handed over the paper to the Second Court constable, Antoine J. “Tony” Thomassie, the elected official drinking in our undercover video.The justice of the peace wrote that Thomassie had three days to serve Doucet neighbor with the papers.

One of Camp’s team captains in 1905, James J. Hogan, entered Yale at the tender age of 25, paid no tuition, lived in a luxurious dorm suite, had the score card franchise (with two teammates) at Yale baseball games, and enjoyed the exclusive campus cigarette franchise for the American Tobacco Co., for which he earned a commission on every box. The “Egyptian Deities” and “Turkish Mogul” cigarettes, on sale at Yale’s famous watering hole, Mory’s, were known as “Hogan’s cigarettes.”.

In his debut with the Dolphins, Ndamukong Suh had a tackle and an assist. “For me, there were no jitters or nothing,” he said. And this from a guy that also said with the calmness of a Buddha: “I did love the violence of football and rugby. I once hit a guy in a Rugby game so hard that he broke his collar bone and separated his shoulder and man was he screaming. I felt bad for him, but it was a clean hit.

Parents, coaches, and HS players spend way too much time worrying about whether any particular recruit is talented enough to play D1 ball, and not nearly enough time thinking about whether that recruit SHOULD play D1 ball. Those interested parties all want the prestige of signing a D1 Letter of Intent, and accepting an athletic scholarship (even if it only covers the cost of textbooks). But the truth is, most HS players, no matter how talented, do not belong in D1: they do not have the discipline or competitive drive to flourish in that environment.

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