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Looking at next season alone without a cap, it can be argued that Smith gives Kansas City the best chance to make the playoffs again.Expecting Mahomes to play better than Smith 2017 totals of 26 touchdowns, five interceptions, 4,397 yards total, 67.5 competition rate and 104.7 passer is likely too high of a bar to set.But, expecting Mahomes to perform somewhat close to that, while using Smith money to improve the team elsewhere, is most likely the route Kansas City will go. Not because Mahomes will be way better than Smith or that Smith was bad, but because the team as a whole can drastically improve without that large of a contract on the books.The quarterback is the most important position on the field, and if Mahomes cannot come close to the success Smith had, then the Chiefs should keep Smith regardless of the price tag. But after another playoff failure, added with a promising Mahomes performance in week 17, it tough to imagine a scenario where that plays out.Another hurdle Kansas City faces in keeping Smith revolves around the team already poor cap situation.

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DOWN IN THE DIRT: This will be the only game this season played with the dirt infield at the Coliseum. The Raiders are the only NFL team to share a stadium with a baseball team and they don’t get to install the all grass field until the Athletics season is done. With the A’s out of the playoff race, the dirt will be gone when the Raiders return for their next home game Oct.

We have to be very careful with the way we use certain words. Words that mean one thing in Mexico mean something very different in Cuba. I have learned that the hard way.. Skeptics have wondered about his missing Super Bowl ring he earned with the Bucs in 2002.”Is it so unbelievable that I misplaced my ring?” said Sapp, a first round pick out of Miami in 1995. “I wore it for 365 days, and we had a 7 9 season (in Tampa Bay in 2003) and I went to Oakland and I took it off. You never saw me with it anywhere.

“It’s not every day when you get to ask a kid when he’s 6 years old what you want to do when you get older, and you talk to him at 32 years old and that’s exactly what he’s been doing,” said Jennings. “Because of that I am full, I’m complete, I’m humble, I have no regrets. If I could rewind the tape I would do it the exact same way.

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