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Wilson is the first Boise State wide receiver to earn an invite to the NFL Combine since Titus Young and Austin Pettis both participated back in 2011. Young ended up getting drafted in the second round by the Detroit Lions that year, while Pettis was selected in the third round by the St. Louis Rams..

Because that stigma, unless you win the Super Bowl, kind of sticks with you for the rest of your career. That’s tough.” The Browns’ best chance to avoid becoming the fifth NFL team in 73 seasons to go winless comes Saturday: at home against the eliminated San Diego Chargers. Cleveland’s finale is at playoff bound Pittsburgh.

Transit experts have heaped some fairly high praise on the city of Houston’s Metro bus system after the entire system was overhauled in 2015. The new system isn’t perfect in fact, studies show the new system is still skewed too heavily toward white neighborhoods but the main point of the overhaul was simply to put more buses onto high traffic routes across the transit plagued city. In many cases, the new system has worked: Buses on high traffic routes arrive more frequently, and ridership is up..

A Sustainable Ocean Fund for a healthy marine environment. The current European Maritime and Fisheries Fund should be overhauled and replaced by a fund entirely focusing on sustainable management of the marine environment. It should total 1 billion EUR per year and tackle managing challenges and pressures faced by the marine environment, such as supporting the management needs of Marine Protected Areas, developing mitigation techniques to support minimising impact of fisheries on the marine species, and collecting and analysing data to map the impact of threats on the marine environment to support marine spatial planning..

49ers fans have witnessed some pretty amazing stuff over the years and some of those events have come at the most opportune times. Catch could be considered the greatest Candlestick moment, closely followed by Catch II and both of those great plays were playoff victories. During the regular season, there were plenty of moments that have allowed the San Francisco Faithful put together a collage of memories that would make any team fans proud..

From 3 0 to dangling by a thread, the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens understand the twists and turns of an NFL season. The key is to end the schedule on the rise, something both teams did Sunday by claiming AFC wild cards. New York (9 7) routed the Bengals 37 0 in likely the final game at frigid Giants Stadium, setting up a repeat next Saturday in Cincinnati.

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