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In an effort to also influence this target audience, the talk show hosts’ routines have taken a darker, more urgent turn. With North Korean nuclear threats, the president endorsing racists at Charlottesville [Va.], a mystery plan in Afghanistan, the hobbling of the EPA and other consumer protections, attempts to ram through faulty health care bills and more, we aren’t laughing anymore. The mood of the country is fearful and anxious, like passengers aboard the Titanic wondering if that iceberg isn’t a little too close despite the captain saying not to worry, he’s the greatest captain the world has ever seen.

Green Bay (WQOW) The Green Bay Packers have signed wide receiver Davante Adams to a contract extension.The team did nout release terms of the deal, but both ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport report that Adams is getting a 4 year extension worth around $14 million per season. Adams talked about the deal, Friday, via his cell phone app, IAm Davante Adams.”Stressful, stressful time, man, but I’m glad we were able to get it done,” Adams says about the deal, “a lot of work, a lot of time put into this thing, man, lot of back and forth, but we got it done and couldn’t be more excited to be in a better place, man, so shout ot to all the Packers fans out there.”Adams leads the Packers this season with 74 receptions for 885 yards and 10 touchdowns. He’s the NFL’s only player to have at least 70 receptions and 10 TD’s in each of the last two seasons..

RCMP, in a statement on Monday, said the 87 detachments that comprise Division will conduct town hall meetings in March and April order to engage directly with the public around local policing priorities and public safety planning. Issue of property crime is likely to dominate many of the meetings. Worry about theft and vandalism has flared up in Saskatchewan, and led to new government and RCMP initiatives..

If it’s more than 8, and Cam is playing, I’m still taking Carolina.PITTSBURGH over NY JETS, Sunday at noonI fell into that dumb trap of letting one game early in the season faking me into believing the Jets were good. C’mon man. I know this while I doubted the Steelers, I certainly shouldn’t have.

Four of us two couples spent three days on a pair of touring motorcycles exploring as many of as we could ride. That wasn nearly enough time. We could have ridden all 1,132 miles in three days, but we would have skipped waterfalls, panoramic views, a rich micro beverage culture, bluegrass music and good ole Southern comfort food.

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