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Les Giants de New York (5 2) ont rendu le plus bel hommage possible leur propritaire Wellington Mara, figure emblmatique du football amricain, dcd d’un cancer mardi dernier l’ge de 89 ans. Jeremy Shockey a capt la passe de touch de 10 verges. Mais qui a besoin de passes lorsque Tiki Barber peut traverser le terrain presque sans aide!Barber a parcouru pas moins de 206 verges avec le ballon, un sommet personnel, en plus d’inscrire un touch.

Wentz leadership isn the only unifying element of his presence. Wentz delivers the goods, with a league high 23 touchdown passes through nine games, and a 104.1 passer rating that ranks third in the NFL. Everyone knows a team with a second year QB such as this has a chance to win a championship.

The game of the weekend. New Orleans is the popular pick because of Drew Brees and Sean Payton, but Mike Zimmer and Case Keenum can hold their own. In a surprisingly high scoring game, Keenum outduels Brees to put the Vikings one win away from a home Super Bowl.

“Recently, there have been several misperceptions regarding a personal choice made by members of our team to bring awareness to prevailing issues facing our nation. To be clear those of us who kneeled did not intend to disrespect our flag, our National Anthem or those who serve our country. We all have family and friends who are servicemen and women.

This is why Al Groh has such a huge uphill battle to get this program over the hump. And it’s amusing that the same people who have no problem filling online forums with diatribes against Groh last year are now going to sit this bowl game out. Those people aren’t fans.

But there also little doubt the company has had to recover from a serious body blow that came in the form of the financial crisis. After watching its shares plunge 76% at the height of the crisis, Manulife has been steadily building up levels of capital to shore up its balance sheet. This was done in response to scrutiny of its outsized portfolio of variable annuities, worth more than $111 billion, which came under fire during the crisis because the guaranteed returns were not sufficiently hedged against a major downturn.

Compounding matters is the 2015 draft. First round wideout Phillip Dorsett was supposed to be another big play option for the offense. Second round cornerback D’Joun Smith addressed a needy secondary. When FCC rules apply, I may be disappointed, but I understand the reasoning. However, when both franchises are either at home or away and playing at the same time, the Cleveland game should ALWAYS be shown. Youngstown is in Ohio, not Pennsylvania.

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