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We blew through some drills with good execution. We have a full skate tomorrow in San Jose and then I think we be, at that point we be prepared. It stands, San Jose is three points up on Calgary while the Ducks are a lone point ahead, but they are just the tip of the iceberg which the Flames are approaching.

That’s right; Europe brought their real life saints, Norse gods and rich cultural traditions to the table, and America slapped on a promotion from a department store. Who knows, maybe 300 years from now Santa’s sleigh will be towed by Energizer Bunnies, long after society has forgotten what an “Energizer” is. And, maybe Santa will sport a cheap cardboard crown and a creepy frozen grin..

A delivery driver making last minute Amazon drops was held at gunpoint and robbed Monday night. The driver said a dark colored sedan with four occupants boxed in the U Haul truck, which is commonly used by large distribution companies to meet the demand of holiday deliveries, and forced her to park the box truck in back alley near the 100 block of Oakwood Drive in Darby Township. Noticed the black sedan following her around, so she called her boss.

4. Jason Strowbridge, DE, 6 4, 250, Deerfield Beach: There were up to 100 college coaches who came to Florida for the spring and if you talked to each and everyone of them, all would say that this was the player who impressed them the most in the Class of 2015. His size, speed, strength, quickness and potential has put himself in a position where he will be one of the best nationally..

I did a lot better than I was expecting. Completed the race in 2 minutes, 16.39 seconds, almost 20 seconds faster than Altoona Anastasia Slobodnik. Where she really opened some eyes, though, was in the 100 open.. As previously stated my studies at Colby, and the way I like statistical studies to back up theories I am biased towards thinking data is always a benefit to society. I think studying data is always very useful, but could the release of data allow for people to support their own flawed ideas? For instance, black men are more likely to be incarcerated compared to white men. This statistic could allow for someone to support their idea that black men are more dangerous than white men, an obvious racist idea.

“I went running after work this morning. A voice in my head kept saying, “Do you believe it can happen?” As a trainer I’ve run in a zillion races, I keep those voices out of my head,” said Tom Amoss, Lone Sailor’s trainer. “You only win a few of these really big ones, so I tried to ignore that..

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