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In May, the hottest single family home market, by volume, was Central Maui, where 26 residences sold. The region sales volume was level with April and May 2015. However, Central Maui home values rose to a median of $570,000 12.6 percent more than April and 6.7 percent more than a year earlier..

The department gave them three different maggot covered bags containing Midnight remains. Blackburn said this is because APS left the remains of the animal in the back of a APS truck, in the sun throughout the weekend. Blackburn said it is common shelter practice to make an effort to preserve the remains of animals..

“Poppa John” is one of the greatest football players this world has ever known. John Reaves is also the father of Lane Kiffin’s stunning wife, Layla, and in a story that will leave you gasping, the two had not spoken in over a year. You see, today John Reaves is little more than a pitiful drunk..

Was one of the best this state has ever produced. He became a household name in Louisiana during his high school career, the majority of which was spent at Curtis playing for the Patriots.McKnight was an all state performer for Curtis, leading them to multiple state titles.Many LSU fans hoped McKnight would end up with the Tigers. He was a five star recruit that ended up playing collegiately at USC.

When I was coaching basketball, I deliberately did not want to know in advance who was refereeing our games, home or away. But I would sit anxiously on the bench in pre game, waiting for the arrival of the officials to the playing floor. Anyone who has coached knows exactly what I talking about.

Henry Furr is an architect and developer whose livelihood depends on a strong coast economy.”I think it’s going to be some sort of compromise and that’s why it’s so important for the delegation to be unified in their voice,” Furr explained.Pascagoula City Hall will be well represented with three elected officials making the trip to Jackson.”I think getting the cities and the unincorporated areas of the counties through their supervisors heard is going to be important to make sure that the bulk of that money is spent where the predominate damage occurred here on the Gulf Coast,” Councilman Stephen Burrow said.Perhaps the biggest piece of ammunition coast officials will take to Jackson over the next two days is a recent report by the Gulf Coast Business Council. It found that since the spill, the Mississippi Gulf Coast economy is no longer the economic driver for the state it once was.”I think it’s a big misconception that we’re all just doing great down here right now,” said Adam Flinchum, owner of Coffee Fusion in Ocean Springs. “I think the money would be a huge, huge economic impact for the area, and kick start us again and take us where we need to be.”Coast Chamber officials agree with the report’s assessment of a stagnant coast economy.

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