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You’ve made serious pro bets or silly prop wagers. You are playing for cash or bragging rights. Your list, of classic NFC against AFC championship categories, includes which team will be the winner and who will get Gatorade showered. Donald J. 22) he would vote against visiting the White House. And even kind of cemented even further about how things in our country are going, especially with [Trump] representing us in a very damaging way.

That why Oscars so white is back again. The Oscars so white hashtag took social media by storm. Even Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith, and film maker Spike Lee said they will not attend this year award show due to the lack of diversity.Some SFA theatre students believe the lack of diversity in Hollywood is disappointing.unfair, and it is a little discouraging, but I don think it ultimately takes away from what we doing here, or anything we working towards, said Jonee Lewis, an SFA senior theatre student.a thing we like to talk about but a lot of people don necessarily know what they talking about, Freels vargas said.After talk about boycotting the Oscars became a trending topic, actress Stacey Dash made this comment, have to make up our minds, either we want to have segregation or integration.

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So far, it has not been a remarkably bad year for flu deaths. Flu and flu related pneumonia deaths have lagged a little behind some recent bad seasons. The CDC counts flu deaths in children and there have been 63 so far. Both teaching colleagues of Petr, said Mills. The one who spearheaded it. The reason it started is that the Pospisil family is one of the nicest families you ever meet.

Sean in Saratoga also has a Trump question, curious John what you thought of President Trump cutting a deal with democrats. He a businessman and he make a deal with whoever helps him at the moment. If Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can agree on what to order for lunch, let alone Obamacare, Trump will work with Nancy and Chuck.

RARE LOSS: Manning entered 5 0 against the Bucs, including a road playoff victory that began the 2007 Giants’ Super Bowl run. He gave New York a chance Sunday by throwing for 288 yards and two touchdowns without a turnover. He also scored the Giants’ first rushing TD of the season on a 14 yard scramble.

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