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Excited, everybody excited, and we doing a lot of good things and we found some chemistry between some forwards, some lines and defence also. Am I frustrated? No but I would love normal circumstances. Of course I would it definitely makes all the difference in the world for sure.

Police said the couple left, but the fight continued in the parking lot.A deputy monitoring traffic Tuesday morning at Highway 219 and Highway 210 said he spotted a 1997 Acura passing cars in a no passing area while going 62 mph in a 45 mph zone. And it turned out to be Harris behind the wheel.The deputy said Harris told him he was already late for his court appearance. Harris was cited for speeding, passing in a no passing zone and driving without a license.The deputy said he made a courtesy call to the courthouse to let the judge know Harris was running late.

Electric companies are hoping you can help conserve enough energy in East Texas so residents can keep their electricity on.Triple digit weather always affects the amount of electricity we use. Over the next few days, East Texans will want to get the most use out of their air conditioning. If we conserve energy today, there can be more for tomorrow.”The majority of the electricity is used between four and seven o during the day, so we looking for our consumers to help us,” said ONCOR Lufkin area manager Grady Cashion.

Earlier this month, Ride for a Child was supposed to do its 16th Cycle Oregon, but due to poor air quality from fires all across the state, the annual event was cancelled. Not having a race to call home isn’t going to stop Ride for a Child. The group plans to do a smaller ride this upcoming weekend, continuing their mission of helping out Candlelighters and children fighting cancer..

When it comes to the Bombers, Lions and Eskimos, the last team I’d want to face in a do or die game is the Eskimos. They have championship DNA and experience. They’ve found a run game with two different running backs, and (Mike) Reilly is the toughest quarterback in the league.

How long can the insurance company legally wait to pay you for your claim? My house is not livable so the claim is rather large.ANSWER: There is a law in Louisiana that states an insurer cannot arbitrarily fail to pay within sixty days after receiving proof of loss or the insurer will face a penalty of 2 times the loss or $5,000, whichever is greater. Other than the threat of penalty, we know of no set timeline an insurer has to pay a claim.QUESTION: Can a person renting to own a home relocate without notifying the owner due to needed repairs and roof damage?ANSWER: The renter should advise the owner of any movement and should also advise the owner of the reason for moving.QUESTION: When a man and woman get married, does the woman have to change her name? Can she continue to use her maiden name? Also how would this affect a passport?ANSWER: A woman does not have to change her name. You should talk to the Passport Office about the effect on one passport.

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