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Jimmy Graham had five catches for 10 yards for the season until he caught Wilson pass and rumbled 26 yards to the Titans 11 yard line on the opening drive of the second half. Without huddling, Wilson then flipped a throw over the middle to rookie Chris Carson. The seventh round pick started again and played most of the game as Seattle lead running back while Thomas Rawls got just a couple snaps and Eddie Lacy was active yet didn play at all.

A. At the very start I had set myself the goal of outside (without a wetsuit) at least once a month for a year It felt achievable but also a challenge. The difficult bit was to keep filming myself, but no one other than close family knew the goal I set and I felt comfort in knowing it could all just stay on my hard drive..

Bradford, 29, is a man at peace with the complexities of his position, the incompleteness of his livelihood and the uncertainty of it all in Minnesota. Lot of it is my faith and knowing the Lord has a plan for me, and I put my trust in Him, he said. Plan is perfect.

Eagles fans involved were in a scuffle with and police officers in one parking lot that left at least one fan beaten and bloodied before the NFC championship game. Police only reported two arrests for disorderly conduct and one for assault on police. They also reported three arrests for counterfeit ticket sales..

Just before Reid and the other players and union leadership arrived, talk among the owners turned to a final issue, small but symbolic: the seating arrangement. In collective bargaining negotiations, the owners sat opposite players and union representatives. But Goodell told the owners their job that morning was to listen; the session was not a negotiation or anything that could be resolved by a quid pro quo.

A community, we appreciate the investment companies like XTO have made in Williston, said Wenko. Over the past several years, Williston has worked hard to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure and quality of life improvements to meet the needs of the industry. Williston is the place to invest long term.

Added that every sports league is both excited and nervous about digital opportunities, and concerned about how to make them work best for their sport. For example, the NFL, he said, is working with “Big Data” experts to understand how game telecasts might be managed differently, and what fans want to see that they cannot see today. Some commissioners, though, are resisting the push toward digital content, according to France.

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