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Welcome the NFL acknowledgement of what was alleged in our complaint: that reports have associated football with findings of CTE in deceased former players, lead plaintiffs lawyer Christopher Seeger said in a statement. Settlement achieves that, providing immediate care to the sickest retired players and long term security over the next 65 years for those who are healthy now but develop a qualifying condition in the future. Nowinski, a former professional wrestler who runs the Concussion Legacy Foundation, noted that millions of children still play tackle football despite the suspected risks.

The Big 12 gets $6 million for Oklahoma in the playoff. The Pac 12 gets $8 million for teams and the American Athletic Conference gets $4 million of UCF in the Peach Bowl. That money is in addition to the approximately $54 million each Power Five conferences receives before a teams is ever selected..

Going to be a while before we can do this again he says, I think about you when I do it. I think about how much I miss you, how high we got together, how much fun it was. So much fun. The Vikings, Rams and Lions were all in the top five in the league last season in keeping their drafted players on the roster. Each had at least 30. But each also have a winning percentage below .500 over the last six seasons with four playoff appearances among them (all Wild Card game losses)..

The 6 1 senior has upped his output across the board. He’s averaging 19.3 points (up from 16.2 last year), 4.8 rebounds (3.7) and 3.8 assists (3.2) while shooting a career best 84 percent from the line and 41 percent on 3s. He’s also been big in marquee matchups, scoring 29 in a win at Kansas , 31 against Arizona and a season high 40 against Xavier ..

East Carolina: Decisions to hire or fire coaches rarely elicit a unanimous response, but the college football world pretty much agreed on Dec. 4, 2015, that ECU dumping beloved alum Ruffin McNeill was going to backfire spectacularly. Though there were murmurs that the program was a bit of a mess behind the scenes it impossible to know whether that was real or just propaganda to justify a controversial decision McNeill had notched some big wins and was instantly competitive in a tougher American Athletic Conference after moving up from Conference USA..

Wells Fargo’s effective tax rate was 31% in 2016, according to S Dow Jones Indices.The wage hike and additional charitable giving will cost Wells Fargo about $215 million in 2018, according to investment bank KBW. That represents just 5% of Wells Fargo’s total estimated earnings benefit from the tax overhaul, KBW estimates.”It’s a token compared with what companies are actually saving. Where is the rest of the money going?” said Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior associate dean at the Yale School of Management.Sonnenfeld argued that the wage hike and bonus announcements “were heavily from employers under the gun from government scrutiny.”For instance, AT proposed takeover of CNN owner Time Warner has been blocked by the Justice Department.To be sure, it’s early, and some companies are still trying to understand the impact of the most sweeping tax overhaul in three decades.

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