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It happens, wonderful. If not, well, the same thing happens to other guys, he said. Just proud that I gave the game everything I had. Can you help me out here? Is the university for or opposed to free speech? Were these protesters the same that stood by Linsday in her defense of her free speech? So when a person like Faith comes and wants to deliver a speech, is this now called free speech Weren these protesters speaking freely about how they were opposed to Faith coming to Laurier? I am not at all far right or far left but i do think what happened here is hypocritical. Either you allow speakers to talk freely or ban all speakers from speaking freely, can cherry pick. Where were the protesters on Saturday on Ezra? That would have been a great place to protest the crap that went on there..

If an investigation finds any hanky panky to get Wilson back in the game so quickly, the NFL needs to come down hard on the Seahawks. A hefty fine or disciplinary action for the medical staff won’t do. Perhaps a loss of draft picks. Carolina lost starting safety Kurt Coleman for a month to a knee injury against the Patriots. They signed three time Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd to add depth, giving them another experienced player in the secondary to go along with 36 year old safety Mike Adams. It s unclear if Byrd will be ready to start or if the Panthers will stick with rookie Demetrious Cox, who replaced Coleman during last week s game..

“That’s so tragic, it’s ridiculous,” Mike Ditka, who coached Duerson’s championship Bears in 1985, told Riptide this morning. “That’s something you can’t understand. First of all, if they were married that’s your mate, why would you do that to somebody you loved? And secondly, it’s just tragic to hear that he ended up that way.”.

I think the Bucs’ defence was nothing short of dominating this year. But over all, it’s hard to convince me that this group deserves the same recognition as the Steelers of the ’70s, the Bears of 85 or even Ravens of 00. If Sapp gets another ring in the next few years, I’ll change my mind..

The Tribe’s ratings on SportsTime Ohio dipped in June and July, when the Indians were a combined 24 28 and fell six games under .500 on the season. After winning two of their first three games of the season, the Indians weren’t over .500 again until Sept. 26, the 153rd game of the season, and they were under .500 until Sept.

EXPECTATIONS: Gruden is new coach, but franchise revolves around Griffin, who has talent to lead team to a championship. It will be intriguing to see how he handles leadership role with Shanahan gone. There’s no shortage of offensive talent around him Jackson, WR Pierre Garcon, RB Alfred Morris, TE Jordan Reed but defense has its questions marks.

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