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Reporter: Good morning, remarkable is right. This is every boater’s worst nightmare being completely stranded at sea but Konrad vowed to make it back to shore and now he’s speaking out for the very first time about the grueling ordeal. Former Miami fullback rob Konrad is used to being surrounded by dolphins.

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Until kickoff. Until midnight. And close at the end of the game.. “We’ll probably lose some players,” Baltimore coach Don Matthews said. “With free agency, players are always trying to better themselves. They want the shorter contracts so they can HTC see if their market value goes up.

There is a big hole in professional football today. As it stands now, there is no viable place for a player to go if they want to continue to develop their skills once they have left the college game. Sure, there have been success stories such as Kurt Warner stocking shelves and toiling in the Arena League to become Superbowl MVP but those are few and far between.

4 Start the Senate watch. Winning either of the two congressional chambers next year would give Democrats big power to stall bills, launch investigations and generally thwart Trump presidency. But the ultimate prize isn the House; it the Senate. They are going to learn some things about my personal life. How I was raised and a little bit about the make up of me. I didn’t pull off the high power perception by myself, trust me.

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreationis considering parking meters at Spanish Banks. I implore decision makers on this issue to keep parking free there. In summer, there are hundreds of people enjoying team sports, swimming, jogging, skim boarding on the tidal pools, dog walking, long walks on the paths, and more.

The loyal Eagles fans who endured bitter cold to watch a listless game deserve credit, and their reward will come in two weeks, when the Eagles host a second weekend playoff game for the first time since January 2005. Foles and the Eagles must play better if they don want that to be their only in the postseason. But the Eagles have answered the call throughout the season, and they finished as the No.

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