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21. The NFL will hold its Western Conference playoff on Saturday Dec. 27 and its Eastern Conference playoff a day later on Sunday. Arlen Specter, who said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told him that during a meeting Wednesday. Said Goodell gave him that information during the 1 hour, 40 minute meeting, which was requested by Specter so the commissioner could explain his reasons for destroying the Spygate tapes and notes. Said Belichick told him he believed the taping was legal; Goodell said he did not concur.

Lane Kiffin? You’ve got to be kidding. I saw a post the other day that stated the Vols were going to bring Kiffin back and hire Tee Martin as the offensive coordinator. How long did it take that guy to think that one up. He was also a founding member and third degree knight of the Father DeNisco Knights of Columbus Council 3862 and a member and former chief of the Columbia Fire Company Number 1, Roseto, PA. While Anthony had many more accomplishments and participated in numerous other groups, those who knew him will remember him for his sparkling clear blue eyes, infectious smile, love of food and family (sometimes in that order), contagious laugh, gentle and generous nature and unrelenting sense of humor. Pennsylvania Ave, Pen Argyl, PA.

Growing numbers of top business executives appear to be running for political office. Among others, former CEOs Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina recently won California primaries for governor and senator, respectively, while promising to use leadership skills and financial acumen honed at private corporations to solve thorny public problems. And managing a city or state, let alone entering a legislative body, has challenges and responsibilities that are much different than those of managing a for profit business..

“It’s unfortunate the way things have transpired. Anytime government gets too involved in specific departments and some of these critical programs, and we can’t resolve them without getting to this point, it is a bit disheartening for staff here.””It’s very sad that a man of that quality quit his job,” said Alain Despatie. “It’s not understandable that we have a government that won’t listen to its highest civil servant in a very specific field.”When the previous chief statistician, Ivan Fellegi, retired in 2008, assistant chief statistician Michael Wolfson now retired himself gave a speech that touched on the delicate balancing act of maintaining the agency’s independence.Wolfson recalled an instance a decade earlier when he was to present a paper on policy options for Canada’s tax transfer system at an international meeting and a deputy minister intervened with Fellegi to stop him.After determining the paper met “reasonable standards for impartiality and objectivity,” Fellegi gave the deputy minister his answer: No.Earlier this week, a Tory senator attacked the veracity of new statistics showing crime is on the decline.”The data is indeed agnostic, but there are many messages carried by the data to various constituencies.

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