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1994 Congress passes a 10 year ban on the manufacture, transfer and possession of new semi automatic assault weapons. The ban was part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which also banned certain large capacity ammunition magazines. The measure applied only to weapons manufactured after the ban was enacted, and it expired in 2004.

I really don think so, but it could be a number of things. Kids, like I said do things, why they do things, we don know.”The mess can be cleaned up, but students like Jasmine Malbroux, will always remember this day.Malbroux expressed, “This is like our second house, they had eggs everywhere, toilet paper, they sprayed everything, it was bad, it made us feel horrible.”The investigation is still ongoing, but anyone with information should call the Calcasieu Sheriff Department at 491 3600. The United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia released that Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, made the threat to Congressman Scott Taylor during a marijuana policy discussion.

Are we supposed to believe that lie or our own eyes? Then we elect a Muslim named Hussein who is bringing them into this nation by the millions. Mosques going up across this nation. The same fools that elected Obama will be the first ones screaming when these killings start taking place in this nation.

“I knew I had the ball, and it didn’t go my way,” Winston said. “Now, looking back, I know I can’t do that. But man, I want to win. VONN AND WHITE: We get that Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White are two of the biggest stars heading into the games, but even Tirico seemed to get sick of NBC flashing pictures of them. “There’s Lindsey one more time,” he said. “Getting some major camera time and not shy about it.” She doesn’t own the cameras, Mike..

We know the Niners don’t want to screw up the little shot they have at wresting the top pick away from the Browns. Against the spread: Bears minus 3.5.. It is time for a systemic approach that takes on the challenge to end domestic violence in all institutions. A simple first step for the NFL would be to ask everyone to purple and recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, highlighting the league commitment and raising awareness. Oct.

That a strategy and a credit to them. It no accident. They had to create them. I grew up on playgrounds, fields, stadiums and have always felt very much at home there. Dad helped nurture my feelings of comfort in fields, courts and stadiums, and through sports, taught me a lot about people and relationships. He was sitting in the stands at one of my high school baseball games when I happened to say a word (it was friendly) to an opposing first baseman.

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