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But despite the lip service, it would be difficult for a sponsor to actually give up on the NFL’s power as a marketing machine. An average of 17.4 million people tune in during a regular season NFL game, about 65 per cent men and 35 per cent women, according to Nielsen. During the Super Bowl, that ratchets up to 111.5 million watchers..

The betting around the Argos is that Scott Milanovich will not return to coach next season unless the team is sold. He has just about had it with the Argos chintzy ways, which is a shame. Milanovich is one of the best coaches the Argos have ever had .

After one week of the college football season we learned a few things. First of all, Alabama is good, very very good in fact. Florida may not be as good as we thought and Tennessee needs a lot of work on defense. Johnson, who set several franchise and NFL records during his time in Tennessee, repeatedly said he wouldn take a pay cut this offseason.That prompted the Titans to unsuccessfully explore trade options this offseason before releasing him. Johnson exit appeared inevitable when Tennessee signed Dexter McCluster to a three year deal and re signed Leon Washington to join Shonn Greene in the backfield.In a statement after being told of Tennessee intentions to cut ties with him, Johnson thanked the Titans organization and its fans.”I have grown so much as an individual and as teammate over the past few years, and I am excited about the opportunity to bring my experience and talents to a new organization,” he said. “I looking forward to the next chapter and can wait to contribute to my new team.”Johnson was the 24th overall pick in the 2008 draft out of East Carolina, and had never missed a game because of injury despite having surgery after the season to repair a torn meniscus that he played with most of the year.He has 7,965 career yards on 1,742 carries for a 4.6 yard average, including 50 touchdowns, and ranks third on Tennessee rushing list behind Eddie George and Earl Campbell.

This is interesting and complimentary. Kevin Durant, who isn the best player in the NBA but is certainly in the top three, is studying DeMar DeRozan moves. Probably got the best footwork I seen in a long, long time. Just before the foethat drafts in the slot is ready to pick, the team looking to move up will call to see if a trade can be consummated. In the days leading up to the draft, a preliminary call has already been made, so each side knows what to expect. If the team holding the higher pick is ready to move down, the deal is made..

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