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For the 2016 comprehensive Red List update, penguin updates were informed by the knowledge and experience of the newly formed IUCN Penguin Specialist Group (PSG) at a workshop funded by the Global Penguin Society. The threat level for each species was reviewed and updated, depending on criteria such as range, numbers and rate of decline. The seven threat levels are (in increasing order of seriousness): LEAST CONCERN, NEAR THREATENED, VULNERABLE, ENDANGERED, CRITICALLY ENDANGERED, EXTINCT IN THE WILD and EXTINCT..

WHAT GAME?Well, another Grey Cup come and gone. Stamps had some bad luck and some bad thinking. Happened to tune in the CBC news later on (a barf inducing show if ever there is one !), the gloating was quite noticeable, and the comments, Canadian, a real Canadian moment etc.

As a sport boxing exercise doesn’t come to mind foremost for the majority of parents. Many parents would not consider boxing for kids in the slightest and would have a fear for their kid coming home with black eyes and a broken nose after the first session! However, as with all sports, boxing for kids can be safe with investment in the right equipment and in a good environment. The proper gear includes approved, Olympic style headgear to protect against concussions and a mouth guard to help keep their teeth intact.

“But then my agent told me about it and then the NFL also told me about, so then I was like, ‘OK, it’s real.’ His ideas are similar to what I have going on, what my beliefs are, and trying to end domestic violence. I was glad he thought of me. I jumped at the opportunity not as quick as I wanted to, because I got the invite during the season and I’m 100 percent about football.

Of the other teams in strong contention to get to the postseason, four more of those have guys who have been in place a while. And just because their clubs are struggling this season doesn mean Ron Rivera, Bruce Arians and Sean Payton don know what they doing. Caution before acting rashly pays off.

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV AP) Investigators say they have video of a Middle Tennessee State University football player choking his girlfriend last November while two teammates watched and did nothing.Officer Adam Wortman wrote the videotape is narrated by other suspects who did not help the woman and said the choking “happens all the time or every day.”Jones was charged with two counts of domestic aggravated assault on Saturday, while cornerback Rodney O and defensive tackle Marcus Robinson each face two counts of aiding and abetting.The three players, all sophomores for the Blue Raiders, have been suspended from the team.Ronni Cantrell told police Jones at one point came to the apartment asking for money to buy marijuana. According to the police report, when she said no, he began choking her and grabbed a pink baseball bat and begin hitting her on the legs.She still refused to give him money, so he allegedly took the bat from another football player and hit her so hard it left bruises and injuries to her back and legs.Cantrell was able to hit Jones in the groin and he let go, according to the report, but he then picked up a football and threw it at her face, causing her to fall to the ground.”You had a typical domestic relationship between two people that over a period of time there were some issues that came up, and that where these charges stemmed from,” said MTSU Police spokesman Sgt. Broede Stucky.Cantrell told police she was assaulted by Jones numerous times dating back to October 2012.”We going to handle every situation where the law prescribes.

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