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Have kind of stayed away from doing that, just because it kind of like we lost somebody, Lightfoot said. Just don think it the right timing for us to really do something about that. Lightfoot and her staff will put a collection on display. Luck underwent surgery on this right throwing shoulder in January; his recovery has been turtle slow. The Colts now will start working Luck into seven vs. Seven drills this week, and even give him a handful of scout team snaps New England QB Tom Brady (sore left shoulder) and TE Rob Gronkowski (thigh) practised Thursday on a limited basis, after both missed Wednesday practice entirely..

Juv is refusing to comply.”The suspect’s defense attorney asked if these loud remarks could be an attempt to intimidate other detainees out of fear, however Pressley said she didn’t believe that was the reason behind the comments.Dr. Danielle Atkinson, a psychologist who also testified Wednesday, saying he did not show visible signs of remorse after the shooting and failed to understand the seriousness of his actions.Atkinson said factors like low empathy for others, antisocial behavior, lack of remorse and a pattern of severe behavior indicate the suspect may be difficult to rehabilitate.Pressley testified that the teen was assaulted in a classroom by other males in the detention center as part of a gang initiation. The suspect was a bystander in the incident and has displayed no indication he is involved in any gang activity.According to the detention center records, the suspect was also warned for using homophobic slurs against another inmate in January 2016.

1. How will Solomon Thomas adapt to the defensive line rotation? >> Thomas, once signed, will be making his practice debut after missing offseason program because of Stanford academic calendar and the league archaic finish your classes rule. Because he is penciled in as both a defensive end and an interior rusher, the 49ers likely will want him to learn both spots quickly.

Imagine how a player centric league might work. Think beyond just a higher revenue split. Think players being able to go wherever they like, rather than being “drafted” by a city they don’t know at a cost below market value. “Now when the NFL heard that, rightfully they became stronger because you’re only as weak as your weakest link. You had five owners going bust and a couple of them going bust during the season. You cannot have a league if you have guys closing up on you and that was what was happening.

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