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The guys were going at Chad relentlessly before he and Alex went on their two on one with JoJo. The night after the football group date, they were all sitting around busting on him. Grant called him a coward who talks a lot but has no conviction, and when he got up and walked away, Grant called him a coward again.

Rumors have swirled for years that Spanos has been trying to leave San Diego. The numbers never lined up though, for the one thing old Deano has shown during his ownership is a tight grip on his wallet. He was never going to build a new stadium in San Diego, and had he his druthers, wouldn’t build one in LA either.

Not long after that interview, Dixon was killed in you guessed it a shooting in Philadelphia. When police rushed to the scene, he said he believed the incident (which happened down the street from a bar owned by Harrison) was tied to the 2008 shooting. Unfortunately, he fell into a coma and died before police could interview him fully..

Making its debut will be Capt. Jim’s Treasures, a miniature shell shop. Member Bruce Paulsen is dusting the furnishings, cleaning the floor and repairing the roof on the piece, which was donated to the club by Michael and Mary Selby. Just watch. Be watching. But at this point, Allen at 1 feels like a stretch..

Just know Zaitsev is one of those guys who wants to be in every single day. He doing more than any other person would do to get back. He skating well. It seems de Gruy efforts to trademark the design of the “Lom Burger Trophy” could be sidelined. The NFL sent his lawyer a letter raising concerns. Moreover, such use could cause dilution of our famous mark, and otherwise negatively impact our rights, including through trademark infringement, unfair competition and misappropriation.

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) A home builders dream store is on display in Longview this weekend. The annual east Texas home products show is going on this weekend at Longview Maude Cobb activity center. The show features more than sixty vendors , displaying everything from stone works, to Jacuzzi to windows and kitchen appliances.

Flacco threw a short pass to RB Ray Rice, who scampered the needed 29 yards to San Diego’s 34 yard line for the first down. Four plays later, Tucker tied the game as the fourth quarter ended. The Chargers had the ball twice in the overtime, the second resulting in a three and out before Flacco led the winning 12 play, 69 yard drive.

There is not a more important issue in our city right now. We already raised and donated $100,000 in funding and we committed to raising $500,000 this year alone, but it still not enough. We still have so far to go in terms of keeping our city safe..

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