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“As I look back on stuff, it crazy how I got here,” he says. “But it didn seem tough at the time. I just lived day to day, did the best I could.”. Unsurprisingly, he uses his overnight office time to come up with the identity of a missing kid he can steal. For him, that’s the good news. The bad news is that the kid looks absolutely nothing like him a problem complicated all the more by the fact that the scammer is in his 20s, but opted to steal the identity of a 16 year old..

Rep. Gowdy said the memo doesn reveal any intelligence methods but it does reveal source. Schiff said Wray told him Monday that the review didn satisfy his concerns about the memo release. Professor Derek Scrafton and a colleague were commissioned to independently assess the ACT Government’s business case for light rail.Professor Scrafton and a colleague at the university were commissioned to independently scrutinise the Government’s business case for light rail.In their report of October 2014, which has not been publicly released until now, Professor Scrafton describes the Capital Metro business case as highly professional.”We didn’t have to have a view about the tram one way or another, we just had to comment on the business case itself,” he said.”My view was it was fit for purpose. That it would do exactly what [the ACT Government] wanted it to do.”Though he said just how accurate the Government’s projected cost benefit return of $1.20 for every $1 invested was wouldn’t be known until the two selected consortia chosen to bid for the project return their proposals.”But it’s commonsense really. [Public transport systems] cost a lot of money, the fares are fairly low and the number of riders you’re going to get is fairly low,” he said.”You’re going to be pushing to get a really good cost to benefit ratio, but [the Capital Metro project] if it’s right is as good as you’re going to get.”Minister for Capital Metro Simon Corbell said Proffessor Scrafton’s review reaffirmed his confidence in the Government’s decision to proceed with light rail.”Professor Scrafton’s review confirms that the methodology used in the business case is sound and that the document overall contains sufficient details and makes realistic conclusions and recommendations,” Minister Corbell said.Some extra data ‘might have been useful’Professor Scrafton said he was also impressed with a number of “clever” clauses written into the plan, including a get out clause if the cost of the tram blew out.”If for instance these proposals come back at say 30 per cent over the ($783 million) estimate, the ACT Government reserves the right to say ‘that’s the end of the project!’.

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