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Penn. Junior corner Jorquel Condomina (Naples, FL), who missed all of last season due to injury, has 20 tackles for the season. He made 10 tackles, including 9 solo stops against Bryant, and had five tackles, while forcing a fumble vs. “It’s a developmental league so you’re going to have your ups and downs, but for the most part I think it’s just maturity and having the process under you for four or five months now,” he said about the improvements he’s seen in the team. “You have off days during the year where it’s not clicking or some guys just haven’t shown up, and that’s where you depend on your vets to make sure the message is sent to them and to the young guys that we have to be accountable every day. And I think that’s a big part of what’s gone on here the last month.

To fill the void the Falcons coaching staff got a little creative, moving senior wide receiver Jakobi Byrd under center. “I mean Jakobi is just a ball player, he could play any position on the field if he wanted to, he’s that kind of kid. He’s a team player,” head coach JB Wallace said..

Those were spoken to me. It’s an unfortunate sentiment but not the majority sentiment which is respect from your colleagues, from the team, from the owners and from the players. But I think anybody, any player in that locker room who understands it’s a job.

Fans coming to training camp will immediately see why the Browns selected Coleman. His first round ability is evident on every rep. But Coleman focused primarily on one side of the field at Baylor and a handful of routes. Reyes is from Michoacan, a state of Mexico, and he really turned the kitchen around, says owner Margaret Gerner. What we call Mexican Mexican cuisine. It not Tex Mex.

16th September 2014Fact: Comedian Jimmy Fallon stood in for the late Elvis Presley for a duet with veteran entertainer Barbra Streisand on Monday (15Sep14) during her first appearance on America’s The Tonight Show in more than 50 years. The funnyman and Tv host donned an Elvis style wig to perform Love Me Tender with Streisand, before switching to a black Stetson to portray country star Blake Shelton for a rendition of I’d Want It to Be You, and then channelling Michael Buble to sing It Had To Be You. Fallon’s vocal skills during the duet medley prompted his superstar guest to quip after the segment, “I can hardly tell the difference.! That was actually good.” Streisand’s real all star collaborations appear on her new album, Partners.

The recent Rolando McClain incident is beginning to be a “he said they said” situation. After being arrested in Decatur for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, McClain says he was “in tears” following the arrest. Police say he is the person who cursed at officers as they were attempting to disperse a large crowd that had gathered at Pines Park..

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