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Had three singles on kickoffs he kicked through the endzone during the game. He had a 75 yard punt in the game and I knew his leg was going well. Even coming out of high school we said he had a CFL leg. Two potential dark horses meet in Tuesday regional quarterfinals when seventh seeded Elk Mound hosts 10th seeded Fall Creek. The Mounders were the preseason favorite in the Dunn St. Croix, while the Crickets are playing well as of late.

My life, I wondered why more people didn know the story of internment, said Howard Shimokura, who was four when he arrived at Tashme. Think it was ignored until it dropped out of memory. Is slowly beginning to change. So we going to come and we going to compete and we going to get us a victory on Sunday. Defence has allowed more yards per game than any team. The Giants haven won in a month.

Think we all really enjoyed it last year, being able to see something that not everyone gets to see, and to be able to experience the White House, forward Bryan Rust said. Think for us, as an organization, we relish the opportunity, and it’s something we get to do because we are champions, and we’re going to make the most of it. 200 NFL players sat, knelt or raised fists in defiance on Sunday.

Big difference [between the sides] was that Tom Brady was not going admit culpability, Feely said. Wasn going to admit to something that he didn do. If they would said he didn cooperate with the investigation, then we could probably found common ground.

He big man on campus (at FHC), then he goes there and he got to earn a lot, but he figuring that out, like any young person. I proud of him and he just got to continue to work hard and figure out ways, what the next step for him to figure out how to contribute. Hallock (6 3, 190) is a different type of player than his brother, but he also a game changer.

5. This loss should be the start of an era for the Eagles, not a one year deal. The Eagles’ last home playoff loss, to Green Bay in 2010, started the decline that ended Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia. Clouds tomorrow morning will clear out by afternoon, and it will be breezy and cooler with high temperatures in the mid 50s. Temperatures tomorrow night will drop into the 30s, with frost and some freezes possible. We will start to warm back up on Friday, but the warmer weather will come with plenty of moisture.

Went to my receiving coach (Adam Gase) before the game and I told him, think this is going to be the best game I ever played. Just because of the environment, the situation of playing the Colts, Marshall said. Believe big players step up in big games, and this was a big game for us.

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