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Which leaves Western basketball in a state of disrepair. Not decline, mind you, because the area has probably bottomed out. Or least would have if Nevada hadn been able to make a comeback for the ages yesterday. “They were the original pay it forward,” says of his parents George and Gladys. They took their good fortune and passed it on to the community. They would rather rely on word of mouth to bring people to their restaurant than spend money on advertising when those dollars could be supporting area kids..

I also thought Sanders couldn’t win the Democratic nomination because he has so little support from the party’s crucial African American constituency. My theory was that while Clinton is a dreadful candidate running a campaign as tone deaf as the one that imploded in 2008, she’d still triumph thanks to the loyalty of black voters, Sanders’s aforementioned handicaps, her command of the party hierarchy, and her fund raising clout. I may be proven wrong about all of this.

The professional librarians of the BioMedical and Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association had voted no fewer than seven of the journals discussed in this blog posting its list of the 100 most influential journals of biology and medicine of the twentieth century (perhaps now better known as the DBIO 100). These include the American Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology, Developmental Biology, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism, the Journal of Experimental Zoology, Lancet, Nature and the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences. Indeed Nature was voted the Journal of the Centennial of SLA, and the three publishers most often mentioned in this blog posting, Elsevier, Wiley and Nature Publications Group, were ranked first, second and third respectively, in terms of the most journals within the top 100..

It also will close one Wok Hay restaurant and is seeking a buyer for its two licensed Truffles Grill restaurants. The moves comes shortly after the company appointed JJ Buettgen as President and CEO. The former Darden Restaurants Inc. “The show is about a group of people pursuing excellence in their given craft,” Kail said. “It explores the dynamics of relationships in both the home and the work environments with great humor and compassion and honesty. A lot of heroic figures we usually only see in two dimensions.

The class will be honored at the 2015 SEC Football “Weekend of Champions” Dec. 4 5 in Atlanta. The Legends Dinner will be held Dec. Hey, Mary Kay: I’m trying to find out the truth on the Senior Bowl coaching issue. There is one story that said that the Browns turned down to coach the Senior Bowl, because of the upcoming coaching changes. Another story had the Senior Bowl not selecting the Browns’ coaching staff, because of the lousy job they did coaching last year.

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