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They’ll be putting on full hitch parades from Feb. Accompanying the Clydesdales are their trainers and their trusty Dalmatian friend. Dogs traditionally provided protection for the horses while their drivers were making deliveries. A passionate football player and a natural leader, Reid said. Value the amount of quality work he put in every day for us, including teaching our younger players what it means to be a pro. I think he will make an incredible coach when he is done playing the game, if he chooses.

BB: Every situation is critical, and we’ve got to do a great job in every situation beginning of the game, end of the game, end of the half, third down, red area, short yardage, goal line, four minute, two minute, special teams. You name it, they’re all important. They’re critical, and we can’t afford mistakes in any of them..

Having this much access to technology, media and the written word can be a mixed blessing. Finding information is easy. Weeding out the misinformation, fraudulent claims, biased opinions and incomplete information is the hard part. It is a DRAW for many people. The video was fine. I don think it was great, and not just for leaving out our hockey team.

He had three more before half time.never want to be too predictable, Powell said. Think they knew we wanted to establish the run, so we tried to mix it up a little bit. Was effective when handed the ball, averaging 6.2 yards per carry. Heisman award is a great award, obviously, the standout Penn State junior said. Given to the best player in college football, and to even be mentioned in that category is an honor. Isn just being mentioned as a Heisman candidate, he one of the leading contenders entering the season.

On one hand, that was noble of Tom Anselmi, the new Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment boss, to lower Toronto FC ticket prices after yet another dismal season. On the other hand, has Anselmi set precedent for himself should his higher priced assets, the Maple Leafs and the Raptors, continue on their path to nowhere? Does he then follow suit with ticket reductions in those areas as well? . Give the Surrey Eagles junior team some credit for creativity.

The SuperDome is no longer so super for the home team as New Orleans has now dropped three straight both ATS and outright at home. Yet, in a divisional game they are giving almost 10 points AGAIN. If you been on the wrong end of any of these Saints bets, and if you follow this page (odds are you have), you understand why we are not even going to take the time to break down this game.

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