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It’s similar in that the spotlight is on you, and people will definitely know if you mess up, but each one is exhilarating in separate ways. Football is more about the team aspect, whereas being on stage is a lot more personal. The fans are right there in front of you and the goal is to make them enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy playing it.

While Kroenke has never been on record saying he will move the Rams to Los Angeles, there is speculation that he will do so with or without league approval. Under the NFL owner guidelines for relocation, an owner seeking relocation must get approval from at least 24 other owners. Another step in relocation is exhausting all options in their current market..

Our bowl win last season, we showed our commitment to (Dykes) with a contract extension. But after looking at a number of factors after the end of this season, I felt that we needed a change of direction for the good of our student athletes and our program, said Athletic Director Mike Williams in a press release. Understand that the timing may not be ideal it rarely is.

Adam Lallana is a strange one. I don think he scores enough to get away with being so anonymous for such long periods of time. If he popped up with a goal every 4 games you feel he was a luxury worth having but in truth I think he is massively weak in possession and too often takes one great touch only to follow it up by picking out the fourth best option in terms of what to do next.

It used to be that if a fumble in the field of play hadn’t been called by an official, you couldn’t review it. It happened in the NFC championship between the Seahawks and 49ers. The play will now be reviewable. I remember the coaches telling him to stop hitting so hard, and I remember Zumwalt telling me about all the things you can do with a brick, including throwing it through a window. You know what I mean? Then came the combine and the pro days and the overkill and four months dedicated to learning about hundreds of prospects has been replaced by only needing to know about nine of them. So what do I do with all of that stuff stuck in my head that I don’t need? I’ll use it in this column along the way..

He was only 31 when he retired before training camp in 1969, and a year later wound up alongside Cosell in the broadcast booth for the oddity of a prime time, weeknight NFL game. The league pitched the idea to ABC, the lowest rated network, after CBS and NBC tried occasional games on Monday nights and didn’t think it would click. It became a hit largely because of how much viewers enjoyed the contrast of Meredith’s Texas flair and Cosell’s East Coast braggadocio.

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