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But he looked at the depth chart. The Eagles returned their top cornerbacks from 2013, and they had just signed Nolan Carroll in free agency. Coming from a crowded mix with the Seahawks, Thurmond wanted a chance to start. The logical fans will (rightly) be reminding us that Ichiro has been brought here as a quick solution to a problem. An oblique injury to Ben Gamel has left a hole in the wall, and instead of repainting the entire wall, general manager Jerry Dipoto is just spackling it. That’s what Ichiro is at this point in his career spackle..

Stephen Kessler on the editorial page on Saturday, bemoaned the loss of the left wing alternative press. Fortunately, this is not true of the Monterey County Weekly which does a good job with its news reporting and entertainment calendar and avoids the sleazy sex traffic ads that doomed other weeklies like the Bay Guardian and the Village Voice. But we don really need the alternative press anymore teaching us to hate America.

An accusation of bias against police officers is deeply personal to the men and women in blue. We are not dismissive of the notion that there are officers who allow racial bias to impact their duties. But national media have distorted what is happening, and this matters because officers’ lives are put at risk by the false narrative..

MYLES BEHIND: Garrett is expected to miss several weeks with a right ankle sprain the Browns hope doesn bother the No. 1 overall pick all season. It already the second injury since the spring for Garrett, who was slowed by a left ankle sprain last season at Texas A loss takes away Cleveland best pass rushing threat, which will make Roethlisberger even more dangerous..

In the NFL, a sense of fair play and the opportunity to excel go far beyond demonstrations of athletic ability or team spirit. Any given Sunday has become enshrined as one of the most successful commercial philosophies in the last half century of American business. As illustrated in a new book by Michael MacCambridge titled, America Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation, the rapid rise of pro football from insignificance in the 1940s to its position as the most popular and commercially lucrative sport in America by 1968 was the result of an egalitarian structure conceived by league officials and approved by team owners whose playing squads battled on the gridiron with the zeal of warriors..

Thrilled to welcome Jay to the Fox Sports family, John Entz, Fox Sports president of production and executive producer said in a statement. Very excited about the potential he brings to the booth and are looking forward to hearing his analysis. Will be in the booth alongside announcer Kevin Burkhardt, analyst Charles Davis, and sideline reporter Pam Oliver..

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