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Proposal called for a pegged amount for the salary cap plus benefits starting at 141M in 2011 and increasing to 161M in 2014, regardless of NFL revenues. These amounts by themselves would have set the players back years, and were based on unrealistically low revenue projections. Your proposal also would have given the owners 100 percent of all revenues above the low projections, including the first year of new TV contracts in 2014.

The octogenarian Gillman, a keen student of the modern game but recently in failing health, once termed as “brilliant stuff” the basic mechanics of the West Coast offense as outlined by Walsh. Modesty forbade Gillman, who by phone would carry on hours long tutorials for reporters he knew well, from accepting his just due for its origins. But he often allowed himself a good laugh over the fact the offense, in its best known incarnation, was popularized while Walsh was a West Coast expatriate.

Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott’s attorneys say his six game suspension over a domestic violence case has been upheld, but he will play the opener because of the timing of the arbitrator’s decision. Elliott attorney Jeffrey Kessler said near the end of a hearing in federal court that Elliott’s suspension was sustained by arbitrator Harold Henderson. Elliott can play Sunday night against the New York Giants because Henderson’s ruling came too late to enforce the punishment this week..

I was kinda explaining to him a little bit that it’ll be fun. He was like, “I don’t know what to think about the process”, or what not, but just have fun it. It’s going to be a lot of stuff but you just have to enjoy it you can’t think too much about it.

The diverse eight man group Bettis headlines represents the value of patience. Linebacker Junior Seau is the only one in the group to get in during his first year of eligibility. The rest are football lifers who wondered if they’d have to spend the rest of their lives waiting on the front step hoping to be invited inside..

And, of course, most sports bars don have anything like Crazy Pinz video game area where one can play an enormous version of Space Invaders the alien ships as big as toasters. Coconutz has a couple of interesting menu items including Porky Fries (French fries covered with cheese and pulled pork) and the Flame Burger (a burger covered with grilled jalapenos and chipotle mayonnaise). Funnel Fries (funnel cake in French Fry form) is a dessert option not found anywhere else.

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