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Jindal called for term limits and “part time citizen legislators” and said a Washington outsider was needed. Secretaryof State Hillary Clinton a “national treasure,” Graham said that was in relation to her policies in Africa and demanded to know where she was during the Benghazi attacks. Graham noted Ronald Reagan worked with Democrat Tip O’Neill and said he would work with Democrats while still sticking to his conservative principles..

“It didn’t work out in Indy,” Richardson told Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star after being waived, “but I know my pedigree and I know what I’m made of. At the end of the day, you and me are going to sit back and laugh at this situation. I was trying to be somebody else. I need go out and run like me. It just wasn’t a good fit there.

That may be a price for pain relief that you don’t want to pay.The take away is that while some methods touted for reducing soreness may provide a bit of relief, all have shortcomings and none is guaranteed to keep DOMS at bay. With or without these remedies, you’ll likely experience some degree of soreness after intense workouts. But don’t let this scare you off or stop you from continuing.

Shorty gained $4,000 as GoodyPicks held onto first in week 12 for a league leading 3rd time. Overall we extended our winning streak by going 71 62 and climbing another $14,400, although there were two pushes this week that cut into our possible winnings. We had a ginormous $69,000 riding on ATL and HOU in those two games..

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) Alabama Supreme Court justices have recused themselves from hearing an appeal by suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore, instead deciding to select a panel from a pool of retired judges.The justices recused themselves on Monday from hearing Moore’s appeal because of the belief that their impartiality might be questioned. By a 5 3 vote, it was decided that the names of 50 judges would be drawn randomly from a pool of retired appellate, circuit and district judges. The first seven pulled would serve as a special supreme court to hear Moore’s appeal.Moore had previously filed a motion to have four of the five justices, Lynn Stuart, Michael Bolin, James, Main and Greg Shaw, recused.

So then answer me why LC won only 5 conference titles in 13 years with all THAT TALENT? Or, why did LC have to use a gimmicky offense to beat UF? Do you see how you can nitpick anything if you want to? And then to drop the “shame” card dude, I wouldn even be calling myself a UM fan after reading the various comments you made on AA articles. Remember haters, you on the wrong side of the argument. I believe RR will win at UM and I also believe that, in time, if he doesn just like any other coach, he will lose his job.

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