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“The change is good for the running backs. It gives them a different perspective. It helps the tight ends to better understand where the fits are, and the running backs can run any route because they understand it conceptually. Wayne Gretzky politely declined to stand in the hallway in his underwear for an interview, but instead changed and was back in less than 2 minutes. Bobby Orr was every bit as graceful and classy as I had hoped that my hockey idol would be. Don Cherry revealed himself to be more big hearted and generous that his TV persona let on..

So it was pretty cool. It was a lot of fun. I don have a problem with the snow, and the team doesn weather. N While many may not be familiar with the Belk Bowl held on Thursday night, it produced a bad beat for the ages. Cincinnati was a nine point favourite over Duke. Tied at 34 34 and just over a minute to play, Duke had a second and goal at Cinci five yard line.

Brown was the Jim Tressel of his time, King said. Was an Ohio native who won all those titles at Massillon and a national championship at Ohio State. Successfully recruited players from OSU and around the region, as well as former Northwestern quarterback Otto Graham, who had been drafted in 1944 by the NFL Detroit Lions..

The Kaiser memo, 20 years old this month, is a striking document, even today. (With Bob kind permission, it publicly available here, as a PDF, for the first time.) It shows a first class mind wrapping itself around a topic and a future that was completely new and foreign. A lot of what Bob wrote about seems almost quaint now, but remember: this was 1992, when “going online” meant connecting to services like Compuserve and Prodigy via slow, squeaky dial up modems.

WHERE ARE THEIR MOMMIES AND DADDIES. I DONT BLAME THEM I BLAME YOU USERS. THERES GOT TO BE TWICE AS MANY LOCAL PEOPLE USING THAN DEALERS. Are ya ready for 2017? It hard to believe we are now in our 29th year of the big show, and we pumped up!Of the thousands of football players who have appeared on the program over the last quarter century, many of them have gone onto superb college and NFL careers. Some have already retired from the NFL, others are still playing, and many boast of All Pro honors, and yes, a few are future Pro Football Hall Of Famers.So here we go: My Top Ten football players ever to appear on “Sideline”. Keep in mind that the WBRC FOX6 viewing area stretches from just north of Montgomery to the Huntsville suburbs and to both state lines bordering Mississippi and Georgia.Also, you will notice that my Top Ten players have each gone on to play in the NFL, with half of them still playing.

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