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A win would clinch a first round playoff bye, which would mean the Eagles (11 2), who already have won the NFC East, won’t have to play their first postseason game until January 13 at the earliest.That would be huge for everyone, especially quarterback Nick Foles, the man charged with stepping in for Carson Wentz, who tore a knee ligament, last Sunday in Los Angeles.Without Wentz, the Eagles are still 7 favorites on the road against a team they rallied against and beat in the fourth quarter at home the first time around.But that was before the Eagles established themselves as the NFL’s most dominant and balanced team and before the Giants (2 11) would implode under the weight of unreasonable expectations, injuries and a head coach who fell so out of favor that he was fired because the players weren’t listening to him anymore.Enter interim coach Steve Spagnuolo, a former Eagles and Lafayette College assistant.Spagnuolo, who was elevated from defensive coordinator, has his work cut out stopping the Eagles’ attack no matter who the quarterback is.”The system that [coach] Doug [Pederson] runs down there is taxing on you defensively from a standpoint of you have to stop the run, so everybody gets heavy on their toes,” Spagnuolo said, “and yet they’ve got a really good play action pass game. I don’t think it’s going to change all that much for us because you’ve got to stop that run game. It really didn’t matter who was handing it off.”For his part, Pederson said his play calling won’t change with Foles.

“What I find most encouraging is there is probably a level of optimism in that you can affect the marketplace around health and safety,” Miller says. “If this dynamic of engaging with (VICIS and other grant winners) has already proven to show some real benefits, chances are it will show even more benefits in the future. And that gives you reason for optimism.”.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) Kayla Illgen said her partner, Alec Carpenter, loves spending time with their 2 year old son. She said he rarely goes out with friends, but Tuesday night was different.”Last night, his friends invited him to come over,” Illgen said. “I was like, ‘Go, go have fun.

The autopsy showed the 6 foot 1 (1.8 meters) Paddock was slightly overweight at 224 pounds (102 kilograms), had high blood pressure and bad teeth. But there was nothing unusual in his physical condition, even after a microscopic brain examination conducted by experts at Stanford University. His cremated remains were released to his brother in January..

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