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You start with a brief yet good looking cut scene and move into a prologue that lets you get to grips with the controls. The learning curve is just about right, with the basics given in prompts and other features (such as picking up ammo and reloading) left to you to work out for yourself. Learning by doing as they say.

Related content Syria hits back after Turkey’s Erdogan calls Assad a ‘terrorist’Reports: Turkey and Russia consider evacuations from besieged Syrian areaErdogan defies Trump, says Turkey has own embassy plans for JerusalemTurkey’s Erdogan helped Iran evade US sanctions, witness claimsErdogan accuses US of creating Kurdish terror enclave on Turkish borderAt least 6 killed during violent protests in Iraqi KurdistanTurkish FM: Trump agreed to stop arming Kurdish militiaGAZIANTEP, Turkey (CNN) Turkey intensified its shelling of Kurdish fighters in neighboring Syria on Friday as it ramped up threats to launch a full military offensive across the border, a move that would stoke tensions with the United States.Senior Turkish officials have been warning for days of an imminent strike into the Kurdish held region of Afrin in northern Syria, after the US announced it was training a 30,000 strong border force in Syria made up predominantly of Kurdish fighters.The Turkish Defense Minister said that the operation was “de facto” underway.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the US its most powerful NATO ally of creating an “army of terror” along its southern border.Ankara, which has long fought Kurdish unrest in southeastern Turkey, is determined to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state across the border in Syria. It has used military force in the past against Kurds in northern Syria, who have seized control of swathes of territory in the fight against ISIS.But launching a new operation solely targeting Kurdish fighters could open up a new frontier in the Syrian civil war, which has lasted for nearly seven years. It would also sharpen tensions between Turkey and the US, which supports and now openly arms Kurdish militias fighting ISIS.A US official told CNN that Washington was seriously concerned about a new operation and that the possibility of a full Turkish military incursion into Syria is the “major topic we are watching this weekend.”More than 50 Turkish vehicles, including artillery, tanks, rocket launchers and heavy equipment transporters have been observed on the Turkish Syrian border, according to another US defense official.In a sign of mounting tensions in the region, two other US defense officials told CNN that Turkish backed rebels near Manbij, Syria are regularly firing on US military patrols and that US forces occasionally return fire.

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