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The Tories were headed for a leadership convention, so Kenney entered the race and started touring every diner and kitchen table that would have him, meeting with a handful of people here, two handfuls there, running almost exclusively on a platform of uniting the right to stop the NDP. Kenney called them Alberta government. If elected Tory leader, his first act would be to seek merger with Wildrose..

By 1986 he was one of the youngest Chief Executive Officers to ever run a Fortune 500 company. Burguieres Company in 1978, a family owned, land holding company that he would chair from 1986 until 2012. In 1990, Philip joined Panhandle Eastern Corporation, as President and Chief Executive Officer.

2. O that line. The beleaguered starters in the offensive line will get a night off, with a possible exception being at left guard, where Jeff Linkenbach and Ricky Henry are dueling for the spot vacated by Jeff Allen’s move to right tackle. Out of the 965 people killed by the police in 2015 (as of Dec. 24), the Post reported (on Dec. 26) that “less than 4 percent” involved an unarmed black man and a white cop, the fact pattern most commonly referred to by anti police activists like Black Lives Matter.

On the day of the game, teams walked to the field and were slowed by constant rituals. One ceremony was “going to water,” in which players dunked their sticks in water and the shaman gave a spiritual and strategic pep talk. Sometimes players would receive ceremonial scratches on their arms or torso..

Extensively.The NFL has been happy to sit this discourse out, but if TV numbers continue to fall and maybe the opening weekend was an aberration that when the folks in the big offices inTimes Square are going to have to make some big boy decisions.Bobby Petrino is a mad scientist compilation of Cortez and Don Coryell.Petrino, like the great explorer as burned his ships at almost every port. And like Coryell, he an offensive genius.Now, as his Louisville Cardinals get ready for a top 10 showdown against FSU in the biggest game in program history, Petrino is again reminding everyone why, despite his many missteps off the field, gets chance after chance.Dude is an offensive wizard period.And what he doing with Lamar Jackson in this Cardinals offense really can only make Atlanta Falcons fans even more bitter considering what could have been if Petrino and Mike Vick could have ever worked together. Wow.Petrino has redrafted a career that was on the trajectory of “anything is possible” to the nadir of “professional pariah” to now he will be one of the hottest names on an open college market that figures to have a couple of monster jobs open in the months ahead.Baseball, and meaningful Braves newsThe pennant races in Major League Baseball are rather yawn inspiring.

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