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But as is the case for many peculiar growth stories of the decade, technology has fueled the mania. There’s a three month football vacuum between the Super Bowl and the draft, and to satisfy their pigskin itch, fans flock to the Web, where countless sites analyze the draft to death. What’s to stop both the credible and crazy draft “experts” on Twitter, which is already overfeeding this beast, from throwing out rumors and ruminations in 140 character bursts? The NFL is actively courting the social media set.

In a great place still with Red Bull, Hamilton said. Think this year, he can really have a fighting chance to win the championship. Who also facing a spirited challenge from his precocious teammate for the No. His father, Harris Sr., wrote on Facebook: family and me are dealing with a rough situation and we really appreciate everyone well wishes and prayers. And contrary to various media reports my son had a brain hemorrhage, not an aneurysm, that was caused by a hit he took during Fridays game. He may have had a pre existing condition but there is no way to tell now.

1. New information will be released today about another BCSO shooting from earlier this month. It happened ten days ago at a mobile home in the North Valley. KALAMA, Wash. (KOIN) She was a passenger in a semi truck headed south on I 5 near Kalama, nestled in the shadow of Mount St. Helens.

IT IS HERE AT SOME THUNDER VALLEY. WE JUST GOT THE OFFICIALS HANGING OUT NOW WAITING TO GET EVERYBODY INSIDE. IT IS THE THIRD ANNUAL SACRAMENTO SPORTS HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY TONIGHT. While Bud Adams “played” with his Oilers and later his Titan’s franchise, he quietly built a huge fortune. His publicly traded company, Adams Resources and Energy, Inc. Is a Fortune 500 company.

How can a leader perform that kind of self inventory and make that distinction between what is strategically valuable and what they are comfortable with? It’s very easy sometimes for us to say, that not important, but what we actually mean is, not very comfortable with that, and I don want to do it. It an honest dialogue you have to have with yourself, which is to say, I choosing not to be there because it not strategically important? Or am I not being there because, just by default, I haven taken the time to really look at it and think about it? In the case of Ginni Rometty, she has a Twitter account and has never tweeted on it. But they keep it open, so she and her team can see when people are including her in the conversation.

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