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As Long considered his options, one thought surfaced above the rest. In 2015, he had started the Chris Long Foundation, from which he launched several initiatives, the biggest among them raising funds to build clean water wells in Africa. He understood the platform that playing football provided.

By Amanda Jackson CNN As the Waterville, Maine, High School football players took the field on Saturday and everyone in the stands rose for the National Anthem, a buzz went through the crowd.”Hey, look. They’re not kneeling.”Michelle Lyons Cossar turned around and spotted three men atop a roof adjacent to the field standing with their hands on their chest.”When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag even though they didn’t have to,” she said.Cossar, who was at the game to cheer on her nephew, snapped a quick photo and posted it to Facebook.”I just thought the world could use a little more of that right now.”Amid the continued National Anthem protests involving the NFL, the three men, Dwayne Harrison, Danny Thyng and James Scraggs, stopped working on the home’s roof to join the football players and fans in standing for the pregame ritual.”We were raised to respect and honor our country,” said Harrison, the man standing on the roof’s peak in the photo. “Instead of making lots of noise during the National Anthem, we all reacted together and stood.”The men, working on their day off, were four hours in on an independent job when the game began.”They had no idea anyone even noticed, but our community did,” Shanon Gurski Dixon told CNN affiliate WMTW.Since Cossar posted the image it has been shared nearly 700 times.

2. The Dolphins offensive line was a disaster against the Jets again. It was a replay of their September meeting when the Dolphins line couldn’t help run the ball and couldn’t protect the quarterback. First she doesn’t make it into a big piano competition. I bet it was some hotshot Warner Brothers agent with an dark Armani suit and manicured fingernails saying, “It would be a very light comedic version of Any Given Sunday, and we could throw in the Hoosiers angle with the casting of Gene Hackman as the tough but determined coach. Throw in that hunk of a guy Keanu Reeves and a cast of wacky characters and poof! We’ll have a hit on our hands!”.

Schwartz says the dizzying increase in the cost of reaching the Super Bowl audience has begun to have a chilling effect on how the game is priced. After Fox first crashed the 110 million viewer mark back in 2011, the average unit cost for an in game spot began growing at a near metastatic rate, jumping from just under $3 million that year to $4 million in 2014. Another three years saw the unit cost leap an additional $1 million whereupon all that giddy forward progress ground to halt..

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